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Black Adam star Aldis Hodge says that Hawkman and Doctor Fate might be greatest buds within the film. The actor performs Hawkman, the legendary warrior from Thanagar, and Pierce Brosnan will play Doctor Fate, the sorcerer supreme. Together, they make a powerful duo as a part of the Justice Society of America.

During a press occasion attended by Screen Rant, Hodge spoke about their longstanding relationship and what makes the JSA so completely different from something we’ve seen earlier than.

“The JSA… we are finding ourselves in camaraderie and, to a degree, finding ourselves [as a] family. With Dr. Fate [and Hawkman], that’s a long, long friendship. There’s a lot of love there. There’s a real brotherhood there. And they’re [asking] what is the right thing to do [about Black Adam]? Because Dr. Fate is sort of like a conscience for Hawkman.

Honestly, don’t put us up against any of the other teams that we’ve seen before, because this is a very much refreshing new look at what a superhero team is, as we come together into this space. You know, it’s a whole new experience. So I think that that’s what you’re going to enjoy the most about it.”

Hawkman is a mace-wielding warrior, and within the comedian books, he’s identified for being a really passionate character who typically acts out on his feelings earlier than seeing purpose. Doctor Fate is the other of this. He’s a studious man who all the time considers the results of his actions. This pairing is smart, contemplating Hawkman would in all probability want somebody to assist information him in the precise path as an alternative of letting his anger take over.

The JSA can also be in contrast to most superhero groups individuals have seen up to now. They function like household moderately than a tactical strike power, and there’s a close-knit bond between the characters. They’ve been round for some time and there’s a real sense of legacy and custom, upholding values which can be ingrained of their perception system. But concern not, Hodge has said that Black Adam is a perfect entry point for people who find themselves new to the DC Universe.

The group additionally consists of Atom Smasher performed by Noah Centineo and Cyclone performed by Quintessa Swindell. These are two of the youthful members of the group, however they nonetheless pack a punch. Atom Smasher can develop in dimension and dole out a substantial amount of harm, and Cyclone has flight and wind manipulation. Together, they’ll attempt to cease Black Adam’s rampage.

The trailer for Black Adam supplied viewers with extra particulars in regards to the film. The JSA are given the approval from Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to take down Black Adam, and a scene the place Hawkman confronts him in battle, solely to be struck with a lightning bolt and despatched flying again. All the heroes are having hassle bringing him down, and their issues double when the villain Sabbac (Marwan Kenzari) reveals up.

Black Adam lights up theaters on October 21.

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