Arming oneself is all the time vital when heading out on an journey, as there are numerous threats within the New World that may carry in regards to the demise of the unwary. Players in Biomutant fortunately have tons of the way to defend themselves with a plethora of weapon sorts to go well with the fashion and wishes of any mutant looking for to make their approach in a spot reclaimed by nature.

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One-Handed Slash Weapons, whereas usually missing in general energy, possess among the quickest assault speeds and greatest important hit possibilities out of the accessible armaments that may be discovered or purchased. While a weapon’s true potential can solely be obtained after upgrades and observe, there are 10 out of the 21 base One-Handed Slash Weapons that stand out as notably viable resulting from their swifter than common strikes, armor-piercing, and important hit likelihood.

Updated on July 21, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: Players ought to preserve their construct objectives in thoughts when deciding upon and upgrading a weapon, as their character’s attributes matter significantly with regards to the harm output of a weapon. Players looking for to do probably the most harm with One-Handed Slash Weapons will likely be ready to take action with a personality that has excessive Strength, Agility, and a little bit of Luck.

The Strength is to extend the bottom melee harm, the Agility is to permit one’s mutant to flit in regards to the battlefield shortly amidst lightning-like strikes, and the Luck is to additional enhance the potential for important hits that One-Handed Slash Weapons are already proficient at delivering.

10 Smicksharper

Smicksharper Weight Class – Medium

Smicksharper Attack Speed – 45/100

Smicksharper Critical Hit Chance – 5%

With reasonable velocity for a One-Handed Slash Weapon, gamers within the earlier components of Biomutant can use the Smicksharper as a good weapon base to construct a strong sword of some form. The good base important hit likelihood gives good potential as effectively, particularly if gamers improve their weapon with add-ons that even have this trait. It can be potential that this blade is a reference to different well-known online game swords, because it appears to be like just like the blade of many greatswords present in different motion RPGs.

9 Scrap Rack

many small blades attached to two straight pieces of metal.

Scrap Rack Weight Class – Light

Scrap Rack Attack Speed – 75/100

Scrap Rack Critical Hit Chance – 3%

Being sufficiently quick and lightweight permits the Scrap Rack to be a satisfactory alternative for a weapon base, although, its look is the most important draw for some mutants. A melee weapon shaped from its many sharp and small edges will undeniably look intimidating and really cool. The indisputable fact that it will possibly additionally develop into a superb weapon with the right upgrades and add-ons is one more reason to think about using the Scrap Rack. Aesthetics play a vital half in Biomutant, as there are such a lot of choices for personalisation that it’s implied that the participant can do and look nevertheless they please and nonetheless provide you with the very best construct.

8 Dropspike

typical looking knife blade with brown rust.

Dropspike Weight Class – Light

Dropspike Attack Speed – 80/100

Dropspike Critical Hit Chance – 3%

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Very fast, the Dropspike permits one to type a quick blade to slash relentlessly at foes. A weapon made with this as its base can be a superb one for a mutant construct dominant within the Agility attribute, for generally velocity is king on the battlefield. Enemies will not know what to do when all they see is the participant dashing about and shredding foes like a sentient twister of blades. While the Dropspike appears to be like fairly generic, don’t underestimate its energy, as few One-Handed Slash Weapons can enable the participant to strike as shortly as this one does in battle.

7 Nessmunk

one-handed slash weapon with an orange rusty blade.

Nessmunk Weight Class – Heavy

Nessmunk Attack Speed – 75/100

Nessmunk Critical Hit Chance – 3%

Despite being one of many heavier One-Handed Slash Weapons, the rusty Nessmunk supplies a strong and swift blade to start upgrading into probably the greatest. The excessive assault velocity lets its wielder unleash many strikes shortly; quicker than most different weapons of this kind, and even has a slight likelihood to do a important hit for a refined but useful passive impact. With that mentioned, the Nessmunk doesn’t excel exceptionally excessive in any space, and its lack of armor-piercing leaves it to be handed on if gamers have a extra specialised armament.

6 Pikeaxe

simple axehead for a one-handed slash weapon.

Pikeaxe Weight Class – Heavy

Pikeaxe Attack Speed – 35/100

Pikeaxe Critical Hit Chance – 8%

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Compared to the beforehand talked about heavier blade weapon, the Pikeaxe is a good deal slower, nevertheless, comes with a lot higher important hit potential. Players who’ve invested some attribute factors into the Luck main stat will do effectively to select this weapon up, because the frequent important strikes will make up for the dearth of assault velocity. Out of all of the axes within the One-Handed Slash Weapon class, the Pikeaxe is arguably the very best.

5 Hackgrind

simple saw that is a one-handed slash weapon.

Hackgrind Weight Class – Light

Hackgrind Attack Speed – 65/100

Hackgrind Critical Hit Chance – 5%

All round respectable, the Hackgrind is a lightweight handsaw that may be nice to improve into no matter one needs, because it has no extreme failings as a weapon. The solely space it’s missing in is the armor-piercing division, like most One-Handed Slash Weapons, nevertheless, this could partially be alleviated if one finds or buys a Hackgrind that possesses an elemental harm kind of some form.

4 Umph

strange orange blade that is a one-handed slash weapon.

Umph Weight Class – Medium

Umph Attack Speed – 40/100

Umph Critical Hit Chance – 9%

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The Umph is called after the sound enemies make when the participant slashes them with this bladed weapon, as it may be devastating with the best construct. Possessing a important hit likelihood that nearly ensures a harder-than-usual strike roughly each 10 blows means Luck-oriented characters will likely be exceptionally lethal with this in hand. Its passive but slight armor-piercing is a good trait to have as effectively, particularly contemplating one can connect 2 add-ons to the Umph versus each different One-Handed Slash Weapon that may solely connect a singular add-on.

3 Cutout

very pointy one-handed slash weapon.

Cutout Weight Class – Medium

Cutout Attack Speed – 55/100

Cutout Critical Hit Chance – 3%

Another nice all-arounder, the Cutout is an immensely pointy weapon that has a reasonable assault velocity and a slight likelihood to land important hits on foes, nevertheless, its greatest draw for gamers is the second-highest armor-piercing stat out of all of the One-Handed Slash Weapons. For versatility, that is the perfect small-bladed weapon to decide on, although its aesthetic qualities are additionally nice causes to select up the Cutout at a store or loot it from the stays of a foe.

2 Clipcut

simple knife blade of a one-handed slash weapon.

Clipcut Weight Class – Light

Clipcut Attack Speed – 95/100

Clipcut Critical Hit Chance – 0%

For these min-maxing their character for the very best potential velocity (Agility-focused builds), the Clipcut is certainly the swiftest method to assault adversaries in Biomutant because of its completely ridiculous assault velocity. After being upgraded sufficiently, gamers can shred the opposition upon any battlefield earlier than most unlucky foes may even blink. The largest draw back to the Clipcut is that it has no likelihood to do important hits, nevertheless, with simply the greatest armor-piercing potential out of all of the One-Handed Slash weapons, the dearth of crits just isn’t a lot of a problem.

1 Spearhead

bloody and powerful one-handed slash weapon.

Spearhead Weight Class – Light

Spearhead Attack Speed – 75/100

Spearhead Critical Hit Chance – 9%

That just isn’t rust upon the Spearhead, it’s the blood of numerous foes that it has felled. Considered by many to be the prime steadiness between velocity and important hit likelihood, these looking for the very best One-Handed Slash Weapon ought to search this one out. Most armaments of this class are inclined to lean in direction of velocity, important likelihood, or common out these traits to develop into an all-rounder weapon, nevertheless, the Spearhead breaks this mould by being stacked in each departments whereas additionally possessing some armor-piercing that solidifies it because the final One-Handed Slash Weapon for almost all of builds.

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