Happy birthday to our favourite astronaut!

In honor of BTS Jin‘s 30th birthday, BIGHIT MUSIC released 10+ never before seen photos of his most special moments from the past year. Check out all the amazing things our astronaut has accomplished while you celebrate his special day!

1. Hunt Film Premiere

Waiting for Jin to star in a movie next…

2. The Astronaut Concept Version 1

It’s the worldwide shoulders for us!

3. J-Hope’s Jack within the Box Listening Party

The pouty lips are an excessive amount of for us to deal with.

4. Master artist

Is that the earlier than of the enduring “Super Tuna” shirt?

5. The cutest astronauts

Jin with Wootteo!

6. The White House

We’re so pleased with him.

7. “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” MV

He’s driving us loopy.

8. The Drunken Truth (also called Drunken Conversations or Drunk Talk)

Fluffy Jin!

9. “Yet to Come In Busan”

Soundcheck time.

Actual prince IRL.

10. Emergency Declaration Film Premiere

He rocked this match.

11. “The Astronaut” MV Set

The moon is sun-kissed!

12. “Proof” Live

Those sun shades have been made for him!

13. 2022 The Fact Music Awards

Little boy blue can be the moon.

14. Mnet M Countdown

He owns this pose.

15. KBS Music Bank

He gave ARMYs his coronary heart and roses!

16. Happy Birthday, Jin!

While this subsequent 12 months will look quite a bit completely different, we wish you one of the best all the time!

Check out images from his previous birthday beneath.

BigHit And BTS Release 20+ Photos Of Jin From Throughout The Past Year To Celebrate His 29th Birthday

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