Bigg Boss OTT contestant Neha Bhasin, who was eradicated simply two days earlier than of the finale, was shocked by response she was receiving when she got here out of the Bigg Boss OTT home. Neha was already disturbed due to her elimination and so as to add to her distress she learnt that her husband Sameer Uddin and members of the family had been getting trolled attributable to her bond Pratik Sehajpal.

Neha not too long ago took to her social media account land shared an emotional be aware whereby she wrote, “Honest to God, the morning after I got out. Read all the negativity, heard the trolling against Sameer, mom, my sister and brother, a part of me wanted to really die. I felt that darkness again. But my family’s love, Sameer’s calmness and support, Bling’s (her dog) kisses, Mummas constant calling and loud positive support of my fans resurrected me. If you think negativity and trolling and constant commenting is right then, my favorite line from an old song, Aise jahan se kyun hum dil lagayein. If liars, plotters, people who b*t*hed and played with each other’s minds were accepted then all I can say is (thumbs up emoji). Am all about love and till my last breath I shall be.”

Neha entered the home with Millind Gaba as her connection however later throughout a activity she dumped Gaba and selected Pratik as her connection.

In a latest interview with ETimes TV, Neha talked about how she was punished for being a married girl who had a bond with a person. She mentioned “Nobody saw how we supported each other and stood by each other. We never let it affect our friendship. We got nominated for each other, we wiped each other’s tears. Whenever I was targeted, he protected me. Nobody saw all this. I am still not able to understand where we went wrong, that people are just focusing on one thing in our journey. That I find very painful. And from all this I can only understand that I am being punished for being a woman who’s married, and ended up having a bond with a man. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal and why it is such a negative thing.”


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