Shiv Thakare has repeatedly proved that you just don`t have to take care of a superficial facade to maintain in a present like Bigg Boss. Even although the latter was alleged of a number of issues, he has nonetheless outshined everybody and which is why he will get lauded by all of the celebrities who come to advertise their tasks. Time and once more, they’ve requested the opposite contestants to study one thing from Shiv and his demeanor.

In yesterday`s episode, what one might see was nothing lower than a surprising incident, which might have in any other case had a number of repercussions, had Bigg Boss not intervened in between and nipped the ‘future-controversy’ in its bud levels itself! What had occurred was that Vikkas Manaktala was seemingly manipulating Archana Gautam about Shiv. Vikkas spoke about Shiv’s ‘controversial-past’ in an episode of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’.

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Elaborating on the identical, Vikkas advised Archana that, in an episode of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’, Shiv not solely obtained into an issue with considered one of his fellow contestants, however had additionally bit him badly. Needless to say, Archana obtained triggered in her personal methods and was all set to talk to Shiv about it. And when Archana began confronting Shiv and even earlier than the latter might open his mouth to answer, Bigg Boss intervened simply within the nick of time and advised Shiv that there was completely no want for him to make clear any of the questions. Post that, Bigg Boss summoned everybody to the dwelling space, the place Bigg Boss publicly requested a couple of inquiries to Vikkas, since he was ‘loaded’ with a lot details about Bigg Boss Marathi.

When Bigg Boss began throwing an array of questions at Vikkas, all of them ‘associated’ to the season when Shiv had participated, the latter was at a complete lack of phrases as he simply didn’t know any of the solutions. Seeing Vikkas not realizing even a single reply, Bigg Boss urged everybody to not consider in any of the rumour.

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A couple of moments later, Sajid Khan, who was having a chat with Archana, was heard telling her that he’s somebody who can decide anybody ‘s nature in a jiffy. He additionally added that Shiv is just not the best way he’s being portrayed by Vikkas and that he’s `clear hearted` and `clear`, one thing to which even Archana agreed.


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