Bigg Boss 15’s ex-contestant Vidhi Pandya lately shared her views on the contestants and their sport in a dialog with ETimes. Vidhi is following the present and rooting for her three mates Umar Riaz, Tejasswi Prakash, and Karan Kundrra.

She shares, “Umar Riaz has been strong since the beginning and for me, he has always been strong. He is someone who always uses his mind. Now, I am feeling good about how Tejasswi and Karan are playing the game. Now, they are coming out and speaking for themselves and it doesn’t matter if they are highlighting each other’s mistakes. They are now looking like two individuals also and not just a couple. I am loving them and they are playing the game really well.”

Talking about Umar and the way he’s focused for his career, Vidhi stated, “All of us work hard in our respective careers, and then we reach where we are finally in our lives. So no one should ever try to put down anyone’s profession ever. In fact, the profession of a doctor should never be judged because they save our lives and they work towards saving human lives. I feel this is uncalled for and it is a very sensitive matter and people respect doctors a lot. I feel a doctor’s profession has nothing to do with this game show and it shouldn’t be dragged into Bigg Boss 15 every now and then. A doctor’s profession is very noble. Bigg Boss 15 is after all a show which is made for entertainment and you end up doing a few extra things because it is a game show. It is a different world where you have to be a certain way and where doctors work it is the real world. I don’t think both worlds should be mixed or compared like this or Umar should be insulted like this on national television.”

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