After his stint of greater than 6 weeks, Rajiv Adatia has been evicted from the Bigg Boss 15 home. Along with Rajiv, Karan, Tejasswi, Umar, Ritesh, Nishant, and Abhijit have been additionally nominated for this week. The housemates have been in absolute shock when host Salman Khan known as out Rajiv’s title because the contestant who can be evicted.

Rajiv was lauded for his humorous stint within the Bigg Boss 15 home and whether or not it was his heated argument with housemates or his particular bond with Shamita, he certainly got here a good distance. In a current interview with India Forums, when Rajiv was requested the way it feels to be known as the leisure king of the home, he stated, “Humble is the word, I am so happy to have people say such things, I have managed to give Rakhi a competition (laughs). I am just so happy that’s my title.”

Talking about his eviction, Rajiv stated, “I don’t think it is Shamita’s fault that I am out of the house because it was an individual task. All this season, this was the only task that no one understood the task and this was an eviction in fluke. Having said that, I am shocked I am outside of the house, I don’t think Bichukale should be there. It is what it is, I think I would have loved to be back in the show if I had the opportunity. Let’s see what happens now. I love the show and had fun. I am shocked that Bichukale is there.”

When requested about his tackle why Shamita performed with Pratik and Nishant however requested him to play solo, Rajiv shared, “She was always my priority and I was hers, that was very clear. If she got the opportunity, like the life jacket task, she saved so she did do her thing. As for the last task, I think a fight between us had to happen and it helped us get clarity because we both understood things. I like Nishant and Pratik, but don’t trust them and the same is the case for her in terms of Karan and Umar. I was clear that I will never play against Shamita and that was a condition. I am glad we spoke things out and we both were trying to balance our friendships and each other and when we admitted to that it gave us clarity and then everything was fine. It was a long time coming.”

Talking in regards to the fights between Shamita and Tejasswi, and if Tejo provides hearth to fights, Rajiv stated, “She does stretch things. A fight after 6 weeks, she brought it a lot and that’s done now. She does it but she is not a bad person and she does have this habit of doing that.”

When requested if Tejo can adversely have an effect on the bond between Karan-Umar, Rajiv stated, “I don’t think their relationship will come to an end ever, I am close to both of them, I don’t think Kundrra would ever end his relationship with him and he would listen to both of them and make a fair decision.” he concluded.

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