Bigg Boss 15’s evicted contestant Donal Bisht just lately spoke to ETimes TV about her quick journey within the Bigg Boss 15 home. She additionally spoke about Tejasswi, Shamita, and different contestants in the home.

She shared, “I was not close to Afsana initially. It was only after she realized whoever was with her would make fun of her, she would keep calling them Bhai Bhai and the same bhais would make her do uthak baithak. Why are you playing into their hands? These are wrong people. Both Jay and Vishal would tell her not to listen to me and that she should listen to her brothers. If they really were like brothers they would respect the person and not do what they were doing to her.

She added, “Both Vishal and Jay tried to brainwash Afsana. I talk about women empowerment and I am a very strong person. I cannot see all this happening to another woman. Why do you have to encourage them and make them look bigger than you? I told her you will get to know eventually and she realized that and came to me and apologized that she misunderstood me and told me you have a golden heart.”

Talking about herself, she stated, “I am someone who is loved by people but was shown in a different way. It was like for them when you cannot destroy a person, destroy her image. And I found out about their conspiracies from Afsana as soon as I entered the house. They already had a plan to evict me.”

When requested about different housemates in the home, she stated, “Tejasswi is not a loyal person and there are so many instances including the roti issue in the house. She is a game player but Nishant and Pratik are real and much better than other people. Afsana speaks a lot but she has a clean heart and Karan is ok.”

Donal added, “When people inside the house side-lined me, nobody was talking to me, that time she came and spoke to me. But strangely, whenever she came towards me Vishal would take her away and then I started seeing the change in her and then she turned against me. I thought she would be smart enough to understand their game. She does not have a mind of her own. I was really hurt. Once I asked her for the ice pack when my hand was in bandage, she refused and then went and gave the ice pack to Simba. Don’t know what kind of a person Shamita is. Another incident was when Karan was helping Afsana with the ice pack and her hand was getting cold. I asked Shamita to give her a towel. She said “You get your own towel. I will not give it to you”. She is inhuman and I inform you she is somebody who follows and can’t be a frontrunner.”

Talking concerning the host of the present, Salman, Doanl stated, “I have met Salman only once on stage and he said that Donal has a good heart. He has seen everything and all eviction voting they took my name. I could only connect with Salman. He understood me better than those inside the house and he even asked the inmates why they are only pointing out Donal. He even told me how much ever you do the inmates are going to go against you but I said that I will try my best to win them over.”

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