‘Bigg Boss 15’: Akasa’s mom says Pratik Sehajpal is ‘behind’ the singer(Photo Credit: Instagram)

‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestant Akasa Singh’s mom Amreeta has made a surprising remark saying that her singer daughter has no tender nook for co-contestant Pratik Sehajpal and that he’s “behind” the singer.

Akasa has been discussing her emotions for Pratik for the final couple of days. She was seen speaking to contestants Miesha Iyer and Donal Bisht. Pratik too opened up about having a tender nook for her and he in a current episode, has confessed that Akasa is the one lady in the home with whom he bonds.

To this, Akasa’s mom Amreeta Singh stated: “We are all very connected in the house and she is missing us badly. We have always been together and she is always funny and into the small ‘nok-jhoks’. She is talking to everyone as she would talk to her family.”

“Pratik is pretty much behind Akasa.”

The ‘Naagin’ hitmaker’s mom says that Akasa “is probably seeing her brother Ashu (Aasa Singh) in Pratik. Pratik is taking it in another way.”

Her mom added: He is attempting to spend increasingly more time together with her. She is caring for everybody. She is within the kitchen on a regular basis. She has no tender nook for Pratik and there’s nothing to take a position.

“She is always funny and into mischief. I have seen Pratik and he is always with girls. He wants to be very friendly with girls. I don’t know how they will show it but there is nothing like that.”

‘Bigg Boss 15’ airs on Colors.

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