Color’s show Big Boss 15 starts with Shamita Shetty telling Pratik to play together in the game and have each other’s back whenever required.
In the kitchen area, Vishal asks Miesha, about the name of the baby with Ieshaan, to which Miesha replies, “Mieshaan or Mieshi”. Vishal suggested the name as “Baby Boss”. Everyone teases Miesha that they need only one blanket from now onwards. Jay Bhanushali complained while teasing that the romance started really fast in just a few days.
In another scene, Miesha while sitting at a corner with Ieshaan says, “what would my friends be saying outside about you”. Ieshaan assures her that he is a one-woman man and they hugged each other. Miesha teases she hasn’t said yes to him till now.
Around 1:45a.m, contestants seem to sing “Tu safar mera song”. On the other hand, Miesha says to Ieshaan that he is forgetting something. Ieshaan gets up from the chair, went directly to Miesha, and kissed her. Miesha says this gesture is not done for the public platform and Ieshaan says not to worry about it as he kissed her cheeks. Miesha being upset, gets up from the place and leaves. Later on, Ieshaan tells Miesha that he really loves her and requested Big Boss that he wants to say in front of the whole of India that he loves Miesha, wants to marry her, and swears on his mother name.
The next day, the morning starts with the song, “MAI TO RASTE SE JA RAHA THA”.
Sprouts chaat is the breakfast for the junglewaasi, Methi ki sabzi, and parathe for the lunch, egg curry for the dinner.
Umar Riaz advised Ieshaan to use his brain too along with his heart in the game and do not get away from the other people just because of loving a girl.
At 1:30p.m, tasked started, Ieshaan starts a fight with Pratik while telling him not to push physically in the task.

The nomination tasks start in front of everyone. Only junglewaasi can be nominated and nominate other junglewasis.
Ieshaan and Miesha nominate Afsana after a mutual discussion.
Karan and Tejaswi nominate Donal after a mutual discussion.

Jay and Umar couldn’t decide on a name mutually first but then nominate Akasa. Umar accuses Jay that he took Akasa name due to his personal grudge towards her. Ieshan fights with Umar as he continuously judges Ieshan’s love for Miesha. Umar suspects Miesha’s love for Ieshaan.

Vishal and Vidhi nominate Ieshaan after a mutual discussion.
Afsana and Simba nominate Vishal after a mutual discussion.
Donal and Akasa nominate Vidhi after a mutual discussion. As Akasa thinks Vidhi is a weak contestant compared to her and she could get saved.

So, Afsana, Donal, Akasa, Ieshaan, Vishal, Vidhi are the contestants nominated.
Later on, everyone celebrated Karan Kundra’s 37th Birthday.
The show ends with this.

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