Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actor Aasif Sheikh remains to be shocked by the premature and tragic demise of his co-star Deepesh Bhan aka Malkhan. During a current interview with ETimes TV, Aasif revealed that Deepesh’s eyes have been bleeding when he collapsed early this morning (July 23). 

He mentioned, “Early this morning I was sitting in my car and I was about to leave for the shoot, when I got a call from Rohitashv Gour and he informed me that there is bad news. I first thought he was playing a prank on me and I asked him to shut up, but then he told me that it’s true Deepesh is no more. My whole body was shivering. I just couldn’t move and think. It is really unbelievable what has really happened. We were to shoot today, I was about to leave and he had a 1 PM call time. Usually, he has an early morning call time, but today it was afternoon. He thought of playing cricket and before leaving for the shoot. He went down to play at 7 am and this happened. This shows life is so unpredictable.”

When requested if Deepesh ever complained of being unwell, Aasif replied, “Lately he was so much into gymming, running and I had also told him that after 40 one has to slow down a little bit. Don’t over-exert yourself. When he started he was a very fit man, in between he put on weight and I asked him to control weight and to keep a check on his diet. But he had a point to prove that I do gymming for 3 hours, my wife is not in town. I would always tell him not to exercise for so long. He would tell me that he would skip meals at night.”

He additional added, “He died of a brain hemorrhage. Because one of his eyes was bleeding. When you get up in the morning your blood pressure is low and all of a sudden after working out he started playing cricket. He bowled six balls an entire over and after that when he bent down to pick his cap, he collapsed. They rushed him to the hospital, Bhakti Vedanta which is like 5 minutes away from his house, he could not make it till there, by the time he reached, he was declared dead.”

Aasif, who essays the position of Vibhuti Narayan Mishra on the present, additionally praised Deepesh and shared, “I met his wife, their kid. They are here in Mumbai. He recently got married three and a half years ago and has a son just 18 months old. He was such a happily married man. He would share that when my wife cooks I play with my son. He was a family man. He was a teetotaler. He never had alcohol, cigarettes or any substance. He was a very clean boy. Till now we all are in shock about how this happened. How can it happen to him, he was fit, if someone is ill or has health issues we can still understand, but he was absolutely fine. In the last seven and half years of working with him, I never saw him even unwell. It is very shocking.”

Aasif additionally shared that Deepesh acquired his full physique checkup finished not too long ago and was completely match, “He just did his full body health check-up 10 days ago. He told me that he has no cholesterol, nothing, but my blood pressure is on the lower side. I told him if it is on the lower side it’s fine, it is not very alarming. High blood pressure is alarming. Young wife, what she must be going through and his son is just 18 months old, my heart goes out to them,” he concluded.

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