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The episode begins at a meals stall. Tilu palms Vibhuti a meals parcel and asks for cash; Vibhuti checks his pocket and discovers that his pockets is lacking; Tilu says he knew this may occur; Tilu says it is best to have checked earlier than ordering; Vibhuti says belief me; Tilu says I might; Vibhuti says I gives you cash tomorrow and don’t inform Tiwari; Tiwari approaches them and inquires concerning the parcel and whether or not or not he has paid. Tilu replies no, Tiwari scolds and smacks him, Vibhuti says don’t do that with him, I genuinely misplaced my purse, Tiwari says unhappy, discover your purse, accumulate cash, and go away. Vibhuti complains that it’s too late. Vibhuti says my mom is hungry, Tiwari says I’ll discuss to her, Vibhuti believes she’ll homicide me and says she will be able to’t discuss and can return the cash tomorrow, Tiwari yells at Vibhuti and taunts him, then smacks Tilu.

Angoori asks how Tiwari’s day was, Tiwari replies stunning and we had a terrific opening, Angoori says I had prayed to God that if we had a wonderful enterprise, I might feed the hungry, Tiwari thinks she retains spending my cash, Tiwari says I’ve already fed a poor, and even his mom, Tiwari provides Angoori responds, “I am proud of you,” and provides, “But three are left.” Tiwari provides, “Mother son had enough food for ten people.”Tiwari says they’re our neighbours; Angoori says Vibhuti and Helena aunty; Tiwari says sure, Vibhuti got here begging and stated she’d return the cash tomorrow; I stated no have to maintain it; Angoori says you’re very beneficiant. Prem notices him and asks, “What’s wrong?” Vibhuti informs Prem of Tiwari’s behaviour; Prem responds, “I know Tilu instructed me to come with me, and we’ll purchase a parcel for your mother and then get some alcohol and drink together.” Teeka Malkan and Tilu, in keeping with Vibhuti, will even have youngsters.

Anu calls Vibhuti and asks whether or not he was sporting a saree, Vibhuti responds sure, I’ve soaked in heat water as you requested, Anu says you may have been livid for an hour, Vibhuti provides Anu begins to chastise you. Vibhuti accuses him of being irresponsible and instructs him to softly wash the saree.

Teeka Malkan checks the wallets they’ve stolen and doesn’t discover any good cash, so that they see grasp Teeka and say, “Hey, he’s a good catch, let’s steal his wallet,” Teeka and Malkan say, “Great Master, what are you doing here?” Master asks, “What are you doing here?” Malkan says, “We’re waiting for you,” the grasp says, “I’m so happy.”

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