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The episode of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai begins with Angoori making a partition into her mattress and asking Tiwari to sleep individually. Tiwari asks Angoori what’s fallacious together with her. Angoori says Tiwari is a really unhealthy one that believes in an extramarital affair. Tiwari says he didn’t say something such. Angoori says that Tiwari talked about on Saxena‘s present that generally males slip and go on the fallacious path however their spouse ought to perceive them. Angoori says a husband ought to all the time be loyal to his spouse and never take into consideration another woman. Tiwari says that it’s regular to consider one other woman and says that he’s not going to depart his spouse for an additional woman. Tiwari says in case if Angoori finds out that he has some extramarital affair then it mustn’t hassle Angoori as that is regular. Angoori says she won’t let this occur, she throws water on Tiwari and goes to sleep.

The subsequent day, Angoori says that Tiwari is unbelievable and she or he by no means thought he’ll do such. Anita comes out of her home and says Vibhuti goes out of her arms. She sees Angoori and goes to her. Anita asks Angoori if she is upset with Tiwari for what he mentioned on Saxena‘s show. Angoori says that she cannot believe that Tiwari can have such thoughts. Anita says that Angoori is very sweet and innocent but she is angry on herself as she couldn’t realise what’s in Vibhuti‘s thoughts. Anita says all males are the identical. Angoori says that Tewari talked about that ladies ought to change their pondering. Anita says they need to change their husband as they’re ineffective and make them realise what they’re doing is fallacious. Angoori says she punished Tiwari by making her eat a Paratha fabricated from mud.

Anita tells Angoori that this punishment just isn’t sufficient for his or her husband. A salesman involves them and introduces himself as Kamlesh Gupta. He tries to flirt with Anita and tries to promote his merchandise. Anita warns him and asks him to depart. Angoori thinks what they need to do to punish their husband. Anita says she has an concept. Anita calls Kamlesh Gupta and asks if he might help them. Kamlesh says he can do something for them. Anita thinks she has to take assist from Kamlesh to punish Vibhuti and Tiwari.

Vibhuti is within the kitchen. He provides half a litre of milk and a few water to it in order that he can improve the amount. Prem asks Vibhuti what he’s doing. Vibhuti says he’s growing the amount to save cash which he can later use to play playing. Tiwari is in his retailer. A buyer involves him and asks him to present a yellow undergarment. Tiwari asks him to take unfastened undergarment. The buyer says he needs yellow undergarments. Tiwari goes into his godown and removes his undergarments and provides the identical undergarment to the client. He expenses hundred rupees for that.

Teeka, Tilu ans Malkan are hungry and consider having chat. Malkan says he doesn’t have cash to pay. Tilu says that they will blackmail somebody and take out cash from them. He goes to the seller and asks him to make chat for them. Vibhuti comes there and asks them how their enterprise is doing. Malkan says they’ve recorded some movies and reveals it to Vibhuti. Vibhuti sees that they’ve recorded the video wherein he’s mixing water into the milk and speaking about playing. Vibhuti asks them what do they need. Teeka says Vibhuti has to clear their chat invoice.

Later, Anita says that Vibhuti is sleeping. She will get up and tries to behave as if she is speaking to somebody. Vibhuti wakes up and asks Anita with whom she is chatting. Anita says she is chatting with Minal. Vibhuti asks Anita what work Minal has together with her at late night time. Anita says Minal has shifted to London and she or he is sending photos to her. The doorbell rings and Anita asks Vibhuti to examine. Vibhuti opens the door and sees Minal. He asks Minal if she returned from London. Minal says she didn’t go to London and says she wants assist from Vibhuti. Minal says that her husband is upset together with her and left the home, so she needs Vibhuti to seek out her husband. Vibhuti thinks why did Anita deceive him.

Minal leaves and calls Anita to tell her that she has achieved her half. Anita thanks Minal for her assist and says now Vibhuti will study his mistake. Vibhuti thinks why did Anita deceive him and worries about what’s she attempting to cover.

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