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The episode of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai begins with Tiwari gifting a gold chain to Angoori and asking her to deal with the chain as her mangalsutra. Angoori says she preferred the chain. Tiwari says now Angoori has to deal with the chain and the thief won’t be saved from him. Angoori says there have been 3 chain snatchers and never 1. Angoori says she may have dealt with 1 thief as she is robust too. Anita enters and asks what they’re speaking about. Tiwari and Angoori greet Anita. Tiwari says Angoori’s chain acquired snatched for the 2nd time and now he won’t go away them.

Anita says Tiwari is behind all this. Anita says Tiwari believes in all faux answer which Pandit Ramphal asks them to do and Tiwari makes Angoori do it. Angoori says she has to finish what Ammaji has requested her to do. Anita says Angoori will put on the gold chain and go and she’s going to go behind Angoori to guard her.

David is coming residence in an auto. Prem and Masterji ask David to take away all his gold and conceal it or he’ll get robbed. David says he’s robust and may deal with everybody. Vibhuti covers his face and holds David at gunpoint. He asks David to provide him all of the gold and in addition his garments. David worries and offers every thing. Vibhuti leaves.

David goes to the police station and asks the Inspector to file a criticism. Happu says that he mustn’t file the criticism and may give him 50,000 in order that he’ll go away all his work and discover out the thief. The commissioner arrives and says that Happu is taking cash from individuals, in order a punishment he has to pay Rs 5000. Happu thinks he must catch the thief. He tells Manohar that he’ll disguise himself as a thief and attempt to rob somebody in order that the actual thief will embrace him of their gang after which he’ll arrest all of them.

Happu disguises himself as a thief and waits for somebody whom he can rob. Angoori involves the market and Anita hides behind a wall. Happu sees the gold chain and goes to Angoori. He asks Angoori to provide him the chain. Anita comes there and trashes Happu. Happu doesn’t reveal his id as he doesn’t wish to get Anita embarrassed. Anita continues hitting Happu. Happu runs away. Anita goes behind him.

Teeka, Tilu and Malkan come there as goons and snatch Angoori’s chain. Later, Tiwari goes to the police station and yells at Happu. The commissioner additionally decides to punish Happu as he’s unable to catch the thief.

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