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The episode begins with Anu who approaches the balcony, and Vibhuti enters with a cup of espresso. Thank you, Anu, I really want this, and do you suppose the local weather is altering? Vibhuti says it’s October; how chilly will it get? You seem weak to me; watch your food plan; I consider it’s worthwhile to eat effectively. Yes, you’re appropriate, Anu, I ought to ask my cook dinner to organize a particular menu for me. According to Vibhu, you already know what’s useful for you: recent juice and fruit.

Angoori and Tiwari emerge, and Tiwari tells Angoori that it’s chilly exterior, and so they each welcome Anu and Vibhuti. Anu says you’ve each began once more, and she or he asks you to please cease. Saxena enters the colony with a loudspeaker and broadcasts that within the fashionable colony, we’ll stage a Ram-Leela play, and everybody who needs to behave can supply their title to the chairman of the committee and request that Muchhal chacha transfer ahead. Vibhuti tells Anu that she ought to return and end her tree function. On the telephone, Tiwari says, “I don’t care if you were looted; I want my money back.” He provides, “I can give you another week to refund the money.” Yes, you have got character, Angoori replies, with vast eyes like owls, and I am keen on owls. What I’m attempting to say, in line with Anu, is that your face is like the entire bundle. Anu says, “Play Sri Ram, nobody can match your skills, you are a perfect match.” Vibhu says, “You understand me so much, my depth, and I was thinking of playing a role in Ram Leela,” and Anu says, “No one can do as you will, you have that glow and charm, you are a perfect match.” Master says I’m right here to say, Tilu says you don’t have any work right here, Master says even I’m right here for a job, Teeka says you’ll play no function, simply hold saying there’s no tradition right here, Master says, and other people like you’ll work. Prem says he’ll contribute every part to the committee if they provide me the job, and Tiwari says it’s a must to be a devotee like me to play Sri Ram, so I get the half.TMT claims that in the event that they don’t receive a component, they gained’t spare you; Gupta claims that if he will get a component, he’ll deal with everybody equally. Chairman yells at everybody to be quiet, saying that Sri Ram was pure and that nobody may simply receive it. Saxena says that we’ll survey males for 4 days after which discover one.

Vibhuti approaches Angoori within the kitchen and enhances her, calling her an angel; Angoori responds that she doesn’t have wings to fly. Angoori says you’re a good individual, and should you hadn’t married Anu, I’d ask you to marry Tiwari, as a result of you’re a good spouse. Vibhu says I at all times praise you, however you by no means inform me what you consider me. Vibhuti says, “Will you come and watch Ram Leela?” Angoori says, “Yes.” Vibhuti says, “What character should I play?” Angoori says, “A king’s role.” Vibhu says, “I understood.” Angoori provides, “You can’t play a typical role; you should play someone with a reputation, like Raja Dashrat, Sri Ram’s father.” Vibhu claims that nothing in regards to the Ramayana, that you don’t have any data, that you simply labelled me outdated, after which he walks away. When Tiwari sees Anu figuring out, he closes his eyes and says, “My culture doesn’t allow you to see your work out.” Anu responds, “Relax, I’m only stretching.” Tiwari continues, “But nobody will see you.

Anu says I don’t care, Tiwari says what are you saying if the federal government had a tax on you, there will probably be a plethora of fine highways with the tax cash. Anu says you and your compliments. Tiwari asks Anu what function ought to he act in Ram Leela, Anu says ask Angoori, Anu says she adores me a lot she is going to ask me to play all roles, Anu says it’s best to play a job associated to your character and your character is like harmless, so Laxman gained’t go well with you, Tiwari says sure, Anu says play Agusta Rishi or Rishi Vishvamitra, these two will match you, Tiwari says Sri Ram function, Anu says its handy function and Vibhu ought to play it, Tiwari leaves.

Tiwari provides, “What you’re saying is that if the government had a tax on you, there would be so many good highways with the tax money.” Anu solutions, “I don’t care.” You and your compliments, Anu says. Tiwari asks Anu what function he ought to play in Ram Leela; Anu says ask Angoori; Anu says she loves me a lot she is going to ask me to play all roles; Anu says it’s best to play roles associated to your character; your character is like silent, calm; subsequently, Laxman is not going to go well with you; Tiwari says sure; Anu says play Agusta Rishi or Rishi Vishvamitra; these two will go well with you; Tiwari suggests Sri Ram, Anu means that’s the perfect function and Vibhu ought to play it, and Tiwari departs.

TMT discusses Tiwari and Vibhuti’s dispute for Ram’s place, and Rhusa approaches them and inquires about their roles within the Ram Leela, in addition to who’s enjoying Sri Ram. Teeka says whoever will get it can play, Rhusa probably the most gifted individual will win this job, he’ll be stylish and clashing, Teeka says I believe I’ll do it, Malkan says have you ever seen your face, and gifted and good wanting is me, so the function is mine, Tilu says I’m magnificence and mind, subsequently the place is mine. Saxena walks in and says you ruined your relationship, we’re performing Ram Leela and also you’re doing Ravan Leela, Tilu explains we had been studying warfare, Saxena says I’m upset, not silly, and I’m providing you with a -25 in your behaviour.

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