Warning: There are MAJOR SPOILERS on this story from the collection finale of Better Call Saul.

Six seasons of Better Call Saul had been wrapped up on Monday night time with the airing of the present’s collection finale, and whereas the episode put a bow on the Breaking Bad spinoff, there are nonetheless some questions that stay. In the episode, the fates of Jimmy “Saul Goodman” McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) had been in the end revealed. It introduced each good and dangerous information for Jimmy, who managed to reclaim his humanity by being sincere for the primary time in his life, even when he can have the following 86 years to mirror on that.


As for Kim, who pays a go to to see her outdated flame to share a cigarette as soon as once more like outdated occasions, what occurs subsequent along with her is a little more ambiguous. We final see Kim leaving the jail whereas taking a gander at Jimmy wanting again at her from the opposite aspect of the jail gates. Will this be the final time she ever sees Jimmy, or does Kim proceed with these jail visits, maybe even shifting on to aiding Jimmy in authorized methods?

This is as much as the viewers to determine, as there are not any plans for any extra tales to be instructed within the Breaking Bad universe. Weighing in on the heavy ending, Seahorn spoke with the New York Post on the way it made her really feel. She described the difficulties in watching it however loved testing the episode as a fan on Monday night time with associates.

“Of course, the weight of the show ending for me was, personally, a difficult goodbye, and I’ll definitely watch [the finale] again. I was able to see it as a fan of the storytelling and as a fan of the show outside of being in it. Of course, the weight of the show ending for me was, personally, a difficult goodbye, and I’ll definitely watch [the finale] again. I was able to see it as a fan of the storytelling and as a fan of the show outside of being in it.”

Seehorn confirms that showrunner Peter Gould, who wrote and directed the finale, meant to maintain the ending considerably ambiguous, permitting the followers to think about what would possibly occur subsequent with the Jimmy and Kim love story. For her half, Seehorn likes to image the 2 selecting again up with their relationship, even with Jimmy behind bars, whereas she will get increasingly concerned with the regulation.

“Peter needed to jot down an ending that impressed folks to proceed the story of their heads and I believe he did. There are a number of interpretations of what occurs the following day and subsequent 12 months and [for] the remainder of their lives. Personally, I’m a hopeless romantic and I believe [Kim] very a lot continues to see him and visiting and that she makes her approach again, little by little, to the regulation.”

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Rhea Seehorn Addresses Kim’s Confession

When Kim confessed to the whole lot she’d performed to defame Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) in a sworn affidavit, she was sincere with the whole lot aside from one essential element. She had been in touch with Jimmy, however didn’t reveal this data, truly telling Hamlin’s widow that she does not know if her Saul is alive. Seehorn defined why Kim selected to omit that one element from her confession, feeling that the selection was as much as Jimmy to show himself in.

“We see the tragedy of it because we know what she could’ve been — she was normally a lively and passionate person — and I think she decided she can actually be active in atoning for her actions … partially on a dare from Jimmy but also realizing that he’s right, she could do more about it other than living under a rock. So she goes and atones and makes her peace. The only lie she still tells at the end of the day is ‘if in fact, Saul Goodman is alive’ — she never gives him up or lets the feds tap her phone. I thought that was telling — it’s the one line she won’t cross, as far as she just can’t bear to be the person who’s going to seal his fate. That’s up to him.”

At the top of the day, Seehorn is happy with Kim’s ending. While Kim is clearly not thrilled about Jimmy getting locked up, she’s pleased with him, and on the identical time, she’s able to “face the music” herself.

“I don’t think she’s happy that he’s in prison for this many years but she’s happy he had a chance to save his soul and that he chose to. And she chose that for herself as well …. but I think she’s ready to face all the music … to give herself any chance to have an authentic life again.”

Maybe, simply possibly, Kim Wexler will return in her own Better Call Saul spinoff series.

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