Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) is a key a part of Better Call Saul, so the place is Kim throughout Breaking Bad? While the prequel present options plenty of characters from Breaking Bad, one among its perfect is a wholly authentic character, Kim. A lawyer and love curiosity of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), Kim has grown over time into probably the most fascinating and complicated characters in the whole Breaking Bad universe, with Seehorn constantly reaching new heights together with her performances every season.

Although Kim has cemented herself as the guts of Better Call Saul, she can be a personality partially outlined by her absence from Breaking Bad. The incontrovertible fact that she is lacking stems fairly merely from the truth that creator Vince Gilligan did not plan for the prequel serieswhen writing the guardian present. While that is sensible out of universe, it clearly would not clarify the place Kim is in Breaking Bad. And so, Kim has at all times been a query ready to be answered, and extra worryingly a ticking time bomb able to explode.


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To the credit score of Better Call Saul‘s writers, they’ve saved the main focus very a lot on constructing Kim’s arc somewhat than teasing an excessive amount of of what comes subsequent. The query “where is Kim during Breaking Bad” is an important one for Better Call Saul to reply, they usually have laid the groundwork for a number of potential outcomes, all of which have their very own execs and cons. With Better Call Saul ending after season 6 half 2 concludes, it will quickly be time to search out out simply the place Kim is throughout Breaking Bad, and listed here are the assorted theories.

Kim Dies Before Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul Kim Wexler Car Crash

One of the commonest operating theories has been that Kim dies in Better Call Saul, previous to the occasions of Breaking Bad. It’s straightforward to see why this principle gained traction as a result of it is such a simple and handy means of explaining her absence from the guardian present. Rather than needing to put in writing a probably extra convoluted or advanced cause for her not being in Breaking Bad, it might be easy to only kill her off. This additionally suits with each Jimmy and Saul – the previous’s dealings within the prison underworld might put her within the crosshairs (and already has with Lalo), whereas the latter’s persona in Breaking Bad may very well be a entrance that comes from struggling (and inflicting) the lack of Kim.

Better Call Saul has toyed with Kim’s destiny earlier than – her automobile crash in Better Call Saul season 3 had viewers’ hearts of their mouths – and it is nonetheless potential. Kim’s darker flip in season 5 pushed her additional into the prison world and thus put her in better hazard, and loss of life would nonetheless be a tragic finish, however it’s additionally considerably cheap to count on Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould to have one thing deeper and extra emotionally advanced in retailer for Kim. Killing her off would shut the door for her showing sooner or later storyline with Gene, which might really feel like a waste.

Kim Is In Witness Protection (Or Ed Makes Her Disappear)

Better Call Saul Kim Wexler Rhea Seehorn Ed Galbraith Robert Forster

If she is not killed off, the place is Kim throughout Breaking Bad? One of essentially the most compelling concepts is that she both joins the witness safety program or that Kim is made to disappear by Ed Galbraith (the late, nice Robert Forster). The logic right here is just like the thought of Kim dying – that as she will get pulled deeper into Saul Goodman’s prison circle, the risks round her will enhance. Kim stays a probably key participant within the Lalo storyline, and if he had been to face trial, then she might testify towards him, which might then enhance the necessity for her to get out of dodge with the cartel more likely to come after her.

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However, with Lalo’s arc maybe stepping into a special, extra explosive route, then the even higher twist on this notion is to have Ed make Kim disappear. It’s the type of factor Jimmy would little question encourage, and Mike (Jonathan Banks) as nicely, assuming the tensions with the cartel escalate, which they completely will do after the failed try on Lalo’s life (even if Jimmy wasn’t part of it). Introducing Ed at this level, even simply exhibiting his store or van (until there’s sufficient footage to carry Forster again), would clarify how he and Saul know one another and make Kim’s ending mirror Saul’s, which might be even sweeter in the event that they then did meet up in Omaha.

Kim Decides To Leave Jimmy Before Breaking Bad (Or He Leaves Her)

Better Call Saul Season 5 Finale Kim Wexler Jimmy McGill

Jimmy has lengthy been the dangerous behavior that Kim simply cannot give up in Better Call Saul. Even although it is lengthy appeared like she was too good for him and will do higher than his strategies of getting success as a lawyer, she’s at all times been pulled again in by him and clearly has some attraction to the life he affords her. That went additional than ever earlier than in Better Call Saul season 5, which noticed Kim transcend even what Jimmy thought cheap when it comes to cons together with her plan to take down Better Call Saul‘s Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian). Still, it is not unimaginable that Kim will finally come to her senses and understand simply how poisonous issues have turn out to be for her, that means she’d have to lastly go away Jimmy – regardless of how exhausting it could be – to keep away from each of them being dragged down. It’s straightforward to think about Seehorn and Odenkirk taking part in this sort of break-up scene fantastically, and it could present a poignant exit that also leaves the door open for a re-appearance.

That stated, Kim breaking dangerous in season 5 does somewhat recommend it will be one thing much more troublesome that pushes them aside, so it is one other space the place the expectation may very well be flipped: after so lengthy of individuals considering Kim could leave Jimmy, maybe he’s the one to depart her. Perhaps he sees the trail she’s happening, and forces himself to interrupt away from her – whereas it might be too late for him, it is not for Kim. It’d be heartbreaking to look at Jimmy have to try this, however making a sacrificial option to finally defend Kim would match nicely along with his character. It may be straight-up and trustworthy, or he may attempt to out-do her within the con stakes – extra totally turning into Saul Goodman – to point out her simply how ugly that enterprise is and assist push her away for her personal good.

Kim Is In Prison During Breaking Bad

With Kim making a extra villainous flip in Better Call Saul season 5, it is not fully out of the query that she might find yourself in jail. After all, Kim deliberate a significant con-job towards the top of an enormous regulation agency, and if she had been to undergo with it, relying on simply what her plan entails, she might find yourself being charged with any variety of totally different crimes. Her plan is, as per the title of the season 5 finale, “something unforgivable” that might be of great value to Howard personally and the HHM firm – and if it is unforgivable and she or he was discovered, then there’d need to be a punishment. This does really feel rather less probably than a number of the different theories on where Kim is during Breaking Bad, however there could be a merciless irony in seeing the present’s greatest lawyer discovering herself behind bars.

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Another, extra heartbreaking cause that Kim may very well be in jail throughout Breaking Bad is that if Jimmy determined to promote her out. With Better Call Saul season 6 solely midway over, it stays to be seen how the pair will go away issues. As a lot as Jimmy cares about Kim, he is additionally constantly demonstrated that he’ll do what he has to with the intention to keep forward, and this might even embrace betraying his love curiosity if the circumstances had been proper. This would additionally make sense given one of many fashionable theories about Jimmy/Gene’s Omaha destiny: that he turns himself in to the authorities as a present of regret. If Jimmy had beforehand offered out Kim and put her behind bars, this is able to be a major motivator for him to take action. It would additionally neatly clarify why Kim is absent for all of Breaking Bad.

Kim IS In Breaking Bad (Viewers Just Don’t See Her)

Better Call Saul Kim Wexler Breaking Bad Walter White

The most important cause for a lot hypothesis on the place Kim is throughout Breaking Bad is the truth that Vince Gilligan did not have the prequel deliberate or the character of Kim created when writing the unique present. Therefore, the pure assumption is that one thing should occur to her. That may be very a lot more likely to be the case, however the alternative stays for Gilligan & Gould to tug a quick one on viewers and provides the best of all explanations that nobody is anticipating: Kim is in Jimmy’s life throughout Breaking Bad, we simply merely do not see her.

This, admittedly, is difficult to elucidate in a prequel that presumably will not cross over an excessive amount of with the guardian sequence, but when Better Call Saul had been to finish with Jimmy and Kim one way or the other nonetheless collectively, and the timeline was introduced as much as across the level of Breaking Bad, then the implication could be that Kim was there all alongside, and it might be left open to audiences to interpret simply what she’s doing. It will not be essentially the most satisfying, however Gilligan has left issues open-ended and ambiguous earlier than, so it is potential he might do that once more.

Kim Is Behind Saul Goodman’s Breaking Bad Company

Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler and Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy in Better Call Saul

A extra tantalizing choice if Better Call Saul decides to go down the route of Kim being concerned in Saul’s Breaking Bad life, no less than to a level, is that Kim sets up Ice Station Zebra Associates, Saul’s firm that he is proven to make use of for tax functions. Better Call Saul has already referenced ISZA, and, what’s extra, it confirmed that the inspiration for the title probably comes from Kim herself. She and Jimmy watch the film Ice Station Zebra in season 2 – one among her father’s favorites – after which later use the title when pulling a con. Kim establishing the enterprise could be a way of her persevering with to assist Saul pull scams as she continues her personal descent into criminality, that means the pair might, no less than for a time, have continued to work collectively as a law-breaking duo. It’s additionally potential that Kim might set up the corporate and nonetheless half methods with Jimmy, both in Better Call Saul or simply sooner or later throughout Breaking Bad‘s run, however this would offer a firmer connection to the authentic sequence for her.

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Kim Works For Gus During Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul Theory: Kim Works For Gus During Breaking Bad

The principle that Kim works for Gus during Breaking Bad additionally helps clarify how she will survive the ending of Better Call Saul whereas nonetheless staying out of jail and remaining loosely tied to Jimmy’s story. Given how deep Kim has dug herself into the world of crime all through Better Call Saul, it isn’t a stretch in any respect to think about her working for somebody like Gus Fring in the identical capability that Saul Goodman works for smaller criminals. This would imply Kim was at all times current throughout Breaking Bad, and it might even assist clarify Walt and Jesse’s look in Better Call Saul season 6 half 2. If the previous couple of episodes intersect with the start of Breaking Bad in a significant means, will probably be a chance to point out Walt and Jesse’s origins from each Jimmy and Kim’s views.

That the destiny of Kim in Better Call Saul and her whereabouts throughout Breaking Bad are such compelling factors of hypothesis is a testomony to the character that Seehorn and the present’s inventive staff have crafted – a fully-formed, fallible human being who stands as the most effective within the present’s universe. With a number of choices out there, one of the best final result at this stage could also be for Kim to be made to vanish earlier than a quick return within the future-set scenes with Gene; the mirroring of Saul’s arc and a potential trace at a reunion, and even simply them seeing one another once more after which strolling away, would really feel extraordinarily highly effective and extra satisfying than her being lifeless or a sneaky Breaking Bad background determine all alongside. Given that the writers of Better Call Saul have barely put a foot fallacious up to now, no matter they select will probably be the proper choice.

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Better Call Saul season 6 half 2 premieres on July 11.

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