Despite not being a longtime Breaking Bad character and favourite like Saul Goodman or Gus Fring, Ignacio “Nacho” Varga grew to become a fan-favorite character in his personal proper in Better Call Saul. As the favored collection reaches its finish, followers are trying again at how Nacho gained them over though he began out as an unknown character amongst many acquainted gamers.

When first launched, Nacho appeared like a reasonably easy man, however he ended up changing into one of many extra nuanced and tragic characters within the present, and his greatest quotes sum up his character and story all through the collection.


“Croaking a lawyer for no reason is bad business.”

“Mijo” (Season 1, Episode 2)

Nacho dissuades Tuco not to kill Jimmy in Better Call Saul

Tuco is an erratic and violent particular person who by no means listened to anybody however himself in Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul instantly exhibits how influential Nacho might be when he helps persuade Tuco to not kill Jimmy McGill, even when Tuco seemingly has his thoughts made up about it.

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Nacho’s dialogue not solely proves his affect over people like Tuco, but in addition demonstrates that he’s pragmatic and is seen as reliable by the Salamancas. He is aware of there may be nothing to be gained by killing a lawyer like Jimmy, and even the paranoid Tuco trusts Nacho. When Tuco later goes to jail, different members of the Salamanca household give Nacho their belief, even when he’s secretly working in opposition to them.

“For when you figure out you’re in the game.”

“Mijo” (Season 1, Episode 2)

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill Saul Goodman and Michael Mando as Nacho Varga in Better Call Saul

When Nacho involves Jimmy after the incident within the desert and asks for details about the couple Jimmy was attempting to tear off, Jimmy insists that he does not need any a part of it.  Nacho leaves Jimmy a card with a telephone quantity, telling him it’s for when he figures out that he’s in “the game.”

At this early level within the story, Nacho understands the world of crime and the cartel much better than Jimmy does. He is the primary particular person to attempt to get Jimmy to know that what he needs does not matter, as as soon as somebody is thrust into that world, there is no such thing as a leaving it. Telling Jimmy that is Nacho being trustworthy but in addition him attempting to make use of Jimmy for his personal acquire.

“Doing it for the money, I get it. But this s***, that’s insane.”

“Nailed” (Season 2, Episode 9)

Nacho seeks MIke's help in killing Tuco in Better Call Saul

When Nacho realizes that Mike is accountable for attacking the Salamancas’ cargo, he can’t wrap his thoughts round it. Nacho is a realistic particular person prepared to do daring issues for cash or for self-preservation. Mike’s actions had been about making the Salamancas undergo for threatening him and his household.

As the collection progresses, Nacho turns into extra like Mike and may perceive why he did what he did. Nacho sees there may be extra to life than cash and self-preservation as Hector Salamanca and Gus Fring threaten his father’s life and Gus Fring takes away any likelihood Nacho has of survival or freedom.

“It’s him or me.”

“Gloves Off” (Season 2, Episode 4)

Better Call Saul Nacho And Mike Set Up Tuco

Nacho has a robust sense of self-preservation. One of the clearest moments of that is when Nacho sees Tuco changing into more and more unstable and harmful and resolves to take him down, though Tuco is his boss and supposedly his buddy.

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Nacho acknowledges that he has no future if he stays at Tuco’s facet, so both he or Tuco must go. Mike Ehrmantraut helps Nacho pull this off and does it in a better means than Nacho deliberate, however that does not change the self-preservation that guides Nacho’s determination.

“It’s not about what you want. When you’re in, you’re in.”

“The Guy For This” (Season 5, Episode 3)

Nacho tried to inform Jimmy that he was within the recreation years earlier. Back then, it simply gave the impression to be an announcement of reality, one thing impartial Nacho had accepted. Now when Jimmy does not need to continue working for Lalo Salamanca, Nacho’s phrases about him not having a selection ring even more true.

Nacho’s phrases are additionally extra tragic this time round as Nacho tried to do what he needed, however had all of his selection taken away from him by Gus Fring. He and Jimmy are in numerous circumstances, however Nacho understands what it’s wish to be within the recreation and to have all of your selections and private needs taken away from you, and he’s attempting to assist Jimmy settle for an unlucky however vital reality.

“I want to make my own decisions. Go my own way.”

“Something Unforgivable” (Season 5, Episode 10)

Steven Bauer as Don Eladio and Michael Mando as Nacho in Better Call Saul

When Nacho meets the powerful Don Eladio for the primary and solely time, the pinnacle of the cartel asks Nacho what he needs and the way he’ll make the cartel cash. As a double agent blackmailed into working for Gus Fring, Nacho can’t be trustworthy with Don Eladio, and principally simply says the fitting issues that can acquire his belief.

However, there may be nonetheless some reality to what Nacho says, as he says he needs to make his personal selections and do what he needs. Nacho has been unable to make his personal selections and do what he needs for some time now. The pragmatic a part of him is aware of he’ll in all probability by no means have these freedoms once more, however there may be nonetheless part of him that’s hopeful. The sincerity behind these phrases additionally helps his lies to Don Eladio be much more convincing.

“I’d rather get some shuteye.”

“Something Unforgivable” (Season 5, Episode 10)

Michael Mando as Nacho in Better Call Saul

Shortly earlier than opening the gates for gunmen employed to assassinate Lalo Salamanca, Nacho speaks with Lalo as they sit round a fireplace and lookup on the stars. They discuss how neither of them sleep a lot.

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Nacho’s line that he’d relatively get some shuteye is about greater than sleep. After all the pieces he has endured by the hands of the Salamanca household and Gus Fring, he’s understandably drained. He is uninterested in all of the manipulation and violence and simply needs some relaxation and to stay in a world the place he isn’t continually preventing to guard his father and himself.

“My dad. I need to know he’ll be safe.”

“Rock and Hard Place” (Season 6, Episode 3)

Before Nacho turns himself into Gus Fring, he’s adamant that his father can be secure and guarded. Even although Nacho is aware of turning himself in is a demise sentence, he’s prepared to sacrifice his personal life if it means securing the security of his father.

Everything Nacho did to kill Hector Salamanca and when working for Gus Fring was about defending his father. Nacho’s father does not know of the large sacrifices his son made for him, however Nacho beloved and put his father above all else, even his personal life.

“I put you in that chair.”

“Rock and Hard Place” (Season 6, Episode 3)

Nacho Better Call Saul Story Made Him More Like The Salamancas Than he Realized

Before his inevitable demise, a captive Nacho drops one of many biggest bombshells in Better Call Saul. He reveals to Hector Salamanca that he was the one who paralyzed him. Nacho switched out the elder Salamanca’s coronary heart drugs with sugar drugs and the stroke this brought about would’ve killed him if it wasn’t for Gus Fring.

Nacho is aware of he’s about to die, however he isn’t going out with out claiming accountability for being the one to paralyze and almost kill the highly effective Hector Salamanca, proving that his work to harm and undermine the Salamanca household went far past what occurred with Lalo.

“When you are sitting in your s***** nursing home, and you’re sucking down on your jello night after night for the rest of your life, you think of me, you twisted f***.”

“Rock and Hard Place” (Season 6, Episode 3)

Better Call Saul Nacho put hector in a wheelchair

Nacho digs within the knife even deeper, ensuring that Hector will always remember how Nacho irrevocably damage him and the Salamanca household. Nacho needs Hector to know the results for his many merciless and inconsiderate actions.

Hector thought Nacho was nothing however a loyal minion, however Nacho was the one to create the start of the tip for the Salamanca household, a reality that can hang-out Hector for the remainder of his life. Michael Mando’s supply of “you think of me” is especially highly effective and is up there with probably the most epic traces in all of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

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