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Benedict Cumberbatch is a powerhouse of an actor, having lately been Oscar-nominated for his position in The Power of the Dog. Many of his followers first knew him although, as the marginally “unhinged” world-famous detective, Sherlock Holmes from the BBC drama Sherlock. While it has been years since he hung up the hat of the famend sleuth, the actor believes that the character shares a number of similarities with one in all his most well-known roles — MCU’s Doctor Stephen Strange.

While there are some apparent similarities — each are geniuses, have fairly the ego and a penchant for sporting a good upturned collar — Cumberbatch believes it goes even deeper than that.

In a latest interview with KCRW, the actor talked about how he approached the position of Doctor Strange, particularly the Stephen Strange we see previous to his accident and his little jaunt to Nepal. Doctor Strange is initially egotistical, abrupt, and measures his price via his mind.

“I think it’s the sort of slightly Sherlockian coloring of his character, and God knows they were influenced by him. He definitely viewed people as a problem to be solved in a very Sherlockian way. His human touch, his bedside manner is kind of never in existence. It was all about the process of solving the case, in this case, the difficulty of surgery.”

Doctor Strange actually doesn’t appear to thoughts ruffling feathers together with his co-workers as he overtly mocks and degrades a fellow doctor for an incorrect analysis, very similar to the connection between Sherlock and Inspector Lestrade. But everybody has to place up with up and easily take it, as a result of, effectively, he’s a genius who solves unattainable instances, legal or medicinal.

Even after Strange is proven the realm of the mystic arts and is considerably humbled, the persona traits that he had are nonetheless there to a level. Just like Sherlock, he prefers to shun private relationships and any kind of intimacy. “I think it’s very apparent that he’s in isolation there. And it costs him a relationship in that first film. And that’s a choice,” the actor added.

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Even inside the MCU, Doctor Strange isn’t actually part of the Avengers, solely teaming up with them within the final Avenger movie due to the dire place the universe was dealing with. According to Cumberbatch, Strange “holds his position as an adult on the periphery.”

But which will have to alter in his upcoming outing because the mystic protector. “There’s always a moment where he has to work with people and team up. And you know, we might see that in the next film; you have to wait and see,” he added.

Cumberbatch is about to return in Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness heading to cinemas this May 6.

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