Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is an especially important nutrient for guaranteeing the sleek functioning of the physique organs because it has particular significance on the subject of boosting immunity however aside from that, it’s extremely efficient for skin health. It is replete with antioxidants that show you how to in caring for your pores and skin well being, make it radiant and youthful, helps in destroying the free radicles and improves tissue repairment and collagen synthesis which in the end lead to wholesome pores and skin.

Being a key stimulator to collagen manufacturing, Vitamin C is called a terrific therapeutic agent. It rapidly heals wounds by rising collagen manufacturing. For the perfect impact, docs suggest its software externally.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Kanika Talwar, Founder and CEO of COSIQ, shared, “Everyone wants to have tight and firm skin. It’s achievable. By applying Vitamin C externally, you stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which help you get the desired skin. Your skin becomes tight, smooth and attractive. Also, Vitamin C contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reducing various signs of inflammation such as rash, redness and irritation. With external application, it provides you relief from the inflammation in various skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.”

Gushing over its various advantages, she mentioned, “It offers huge relief from hyperpigmentation or dark pigmentation which is a big concern for everyone who wants shining skin. It is caused by excessive production of melanin which is a pigment that decides your skin colour. People with skin vulnerable to developing dark pigmentation can apply Vitamin C externally. It will reduce dark patches and enhance the glow.”

Acording to Harini Sivakumar, Founder and CEO of Earth Rhythm, “Dark spots are the major hindrance in getting glowing and attractive skin. Vitamin C is one such ingredient that works effectively in reducing such spots along with providing relief from other skin-related concerns. This is the reason why skincare should be an essential part of everybody’s day-to-day routine. Skin, like our body, consumes what we give it, so the more natural ingredients we feed our skin, the healthier it gets. I highly recommend including Vitamin C-based products in the skincare regime. It is known to help with the early signs of skin ageing, prevent sun damage, fight wrinkles, dark spots & even help prevent acne.”

Highlighting the important thing advantages of Vitamin C, she revealed, “Seeing ageing signs such as wrinkles is extremely depressing for anyone. When people see this, they start looking for a solution. Again the solution is Vitamin C. It works brilliantly to prevent and reduce such unwanted signs by increasing collagen synthesis in the body. The surge in collagen production helps in smoothening skin and giving it a shining look.”

Dr Elie, Founder and CEO at Dr. Elie Organics, identified that Vitamin C not simply helps in brightening our pores and skin but additionally offers numerous advantages to the dermis and the dermis layers of our pores and skin. Various research recommend that Vitamin C offers hydration to the fibroblast cells in our physique which makes collagen thus, it’s important to have Vitamin C in our eating regimen however contemplating the on a regular basis life-style we’re part of, it’s essential to make use of topical vitamin C options to assist eradicate numerous pollution current on the pores and skin.

She recommended, “Vitamin C is highly recommended to provide moisture to our skin. It decreases the dryness of the skin by retaining water in the skin. In this way, it prevents the development of skin rashes, acne and scares. Also, skin is damaged by prolonged exposure to sun rays which badly affect its appearance. It can cause skin tanning, rough skin, redness of the skin, etc. The application of Vitamin C can produce wonderful results. As a strong antioxidant, it protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. This is another major reason why dieticians recommend including Vitamin C in the skincare routine.”

She added, “A very important aspect is that even including sufficient Vitamin C in the diet we can not ensure its proper reach to the skin. There is no guarantee. This very condition necessitates its direct application to the skin and, for better results, one must think about it. Today, we have multiple product options available in the market which contain Vitamin C such as lotions, moisturizers, serums, and creams. However, a serum is a highly recommend formulation than any other option. It is a lighter formulation that the skin can absorb easily.”

In a nutshell, pores and skin is a extremely delicate a part of our physique thus, calls for correct care. It’s necessary not just for well being functions but additionally for character and the enhancement of general look.

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