Acne can heal with hyperpigmentation, erythema and/or with scars and each time there’s any space of hyperpigmentation left behind after a pimple or any wound, it is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). PIH seems as an space of darker-coloured skin as in comparison with the encircling pores and skin due to extreme melanin manufacturing in that space.

People with darker pores and skin colour are at a better danger due to extra melanin content material. Subtle PIH settles by itself over a time frame whereas darker pigmentation wants remedy. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Neha Dubey, Consultant Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist, Medical Director at Meraki Skin Clinic in Gurugram, advised 4 suggestions that can assist you take care of post-acne darkish spots –

1. Treat your zits actively: Since zits is inflicting these nasty marks in your pores and skin, the first step at all times needs to be the correct remedy of zits in an effort to finish the vicious cycle of getting zits – popping it- coping with contemporary marks each time.

2. Use sunscreen: Melanin manufacturing will increase underneath the impact of UV radiation, so use a gel-based sunscreen often fitted to pores and skin that’s zits susceptible to forestall PIH from settling in.

3. Formulations for use:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – AHAs like Glycolic acid accelerates exfoliation and helps in clearing away darkish spots. Nowadays these are available in OTC merchandise, however prescription energy formulation prescribed by a Dermatologist works finest for cussed PIH. Vitamin C & niacinamide may also be used.
  • Hydroquinone – It works by blocking the enzyme liable for melanin manufacturing. Hydroquinone has been in use since a really very long time & is kind of efficient in coping with pigmentation issues however needs to be used underneath supervision. Its efficacy is elevated when utilized in mixture with different lightening brokers like glycolic acid, kojic acid, retinoids and Vitamin C.
  • Azelaic acid – It works by decreasing irritation and growing cell turnover charges. It additionally works nicely in reddish marks left behind by zits.
  • Topical Retinoids – They usually are not solely efficient in treating energetic zits but in addition PIH. Topical retinoids work by dashing up cell turnover charges. Since dryness is without doubt one of the main unwanted side effects, one must practise warning whereas utilizing them.

4. Treat your deficiencies: If your physique is poor in sure nutritional vitamins like B12 or D3 or affected by autoimmune issues like hypo or hyperthyroidism, its capability to heal is slowed down. So, in case you are coping with resistant post-acne pigmentation and nothing appears to work, get your self examined and see in case you want any dietary supplements.

Dr Manasi Shirolikar, Consultant Dermatologist and Founder of, suggested:

1. Exfoliate – Use exfoliating elements like lactic acid, glycolic acid, and mandelic acid to dissolve the higher layers of your pores and skin and reveal the pores and skin beneath which is brighter and has lowered pigmentation. It is really useful to exfoliate one to 2 instances every week, ideally at night time. Remember to observe it up with a moisturiser to forestall harrier impairment. AHAs utilized in exfoliation may increase collagen synthesis thereby aiding in zits scars as nicely!

2. Azelaic Acid – Look for merchandise containing azelaic acid. Azelaic acid is a robust and infrequently neglected ingredient that not solely helps to lower pigmentation but in addition fights zits to forestall future breakouts!

3. SPF – People with zits could also be hesitant to use sunscreen – however really solar publicity can worsen discolouration. So utilizing sunscreen is a should! You can go for oil-free sunscreens to scale back the possibilities of breakouts. Protip – go for a tinted sunscreen to cover the marks.

4. Brightening elements – Ingredients similar to Arbutin, vitamin C and tranexamic acid assist to scale back the melanin content material of the pores and skin and work to offer a extra even tone.

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