Ever since he made his debut in Detective Comics #66, Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, has been one of the crucial distinguished members of Batman’s rogues gallery. The lawman-turned-villain has appeared in a number of live-action and animated DC tasks over the many years, impressing followers in additional than methods than one.

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Among the a number of issues that make Harvey Dent an excellent character is his dialogue. The antagonist simply switches between philosophical and direct remarks in his efforts to justify his actions. Even although he principally comes off as delusional, he has made loads of sense on choose events.


When He Foreshadows His Own Transformation

“You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain.”  – The Dark Knight

Harvey Dent smiling while having dinner in The Dark Knight

While having dinner with Rachel, Bruce, and Natascha, Harvey Dent explains why he’s so hellbent on placing Gotham’s criminals behind bars. According to him, it is a matter of obligation as a result of if he does not accomplish that, he’ll quickly be counted as one of many dangerous guys.

Dent begins out on the optimistic aspect of the morality coin. By pushing the Dent Act, which can guarantee extra jail time for Gotham’s infamous criminals, he rightfully considers himself a hero. Interestingly, he has no thought that he’s about to turn into similar to the lawbreakers he has devoted his life to punishing. Soon after half his face will get broken, his perspective modifications.

When Batman Defeats Him Again

“The Bat’s Stubborn Refusal To Expire … Is Driving Us Insane.” – Batman Forever

Two-Face laments about how Batman is difficult to kill in Batman Forever

Two-Face is not precisely certainly one of Tommy Lee Jones’ best roles however the character has his moments. No matter how a lot he tries to defeat Batman, he fails to take action. This makes him attain his breaking level and so he goes on a rant.

Two-Face can discover solace in the truth that he is not the one one which retains failing miserably in his effort to kill the Caped Crusader. Many Gotham baddies have been unsuccessful too. Although Batman has died a few instances within the comics, no live-action villain has ever come near killing him.

When He Responds To A Reporter

“We Have Enough Problems In This City Without Worrying About Ghosts Or Goblins. – Batman (1989)

billy dee williams harvey dent batman

Gotham Globe reporter Alexander Knox approaches Harvey Dent to ask him what his opinion of Gotham’s new vigilante is. Dent rapidly makes it clear that it is the least of his worries.

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Since the first-ever Batman live-action film focuses totally on the Joker, followers by no means get to see this model of Dent flip into Two-Face. Still, his rules and priorities are just like that of each different model of the act. His focus is on Gotham’s outlaws and if there’s a ‘ghost’ or ‘goblin’ is keen to assist, then he’s very a lot welcome.

When He Responds To A Guard’s Pleas For Mercy

“You Could Say We’re Of Two Minds On The Subject.” – Batman Forever

During a financial institution theft, a guard pleads with Two-Face to spare his life. Keeping up along with his persona, he says he’s relatively conflicted about it so a coin toss will do.

Unlike different villains, the model of Two-Face within the film does not imagine it is as much as him to determine who lives and dies. It’s all as much as destiny and one of the simplest ways to see what destiny has in retailer for his victims is by the toss of a coin. In some comedian points, he has been outed as an individual who does not actually imagine in destiny since, in certainly one of Two-Face’s key moments in the comics, his cash are revealed to have heads on either side.

When He Threatens And Greets Dick Lovecraft At The Same Time

“I Will Rip You Open. … It’s Good To See You, Dick.” – Gotham

Harvey Dent in Gotham

When billionaire Dick Lovecraft exhibits up at Dent’s workplace to be interrogated concerning the homicide of Thomas and Martha Wayne, he threatens the DA. This causes Harvey to briefly change from his often calm demeanor.

Earlier in his profession, Two-Face does his greatest to suppress the darker aspect of his persona. Howver, Lovecraft pushes him a lot to the restrict that he can not help however threaten him. Making two conflicting remarks in a single sentence exhibits simply how two-faced he actually is. With time, he will get bored with pretending.

When He Argues With Batman And Gordon

“You Thought We Could Be Decent Men In An Indecent Time. But You Were Wrong.”  – The Dark Knight

Two-Face confronts Gordon and Batman in The Dark Knight

Soon after Harvey Dent turns into Two-Face, Batman and Gordon attempt to motive with him however the villain will not pay attention. He merely argues that it does not make sense to be a very good individual in Gotham.

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Harvey’s actions are a bit of bit justifiable since he not solely misplaced the love of his life but additionally had half his face broken. And all this was the fault of different individuals. Nonetheless, he’s fallacious concerning the impossibility of being first rate males in an indecent time. After all, Batman and Gordon are ready to take action fairly effectively.

When He Warns Bruce Not To Steal His Fiance

“You Do, And I’ll Prosecute.” – Batman: The Animated Series

Harvey Dent jokes with Bruce Wayne in Batman The Animated Series

Bruce and Grace as soon as banter with Harvey, asking him when he is planning to wed his fiance as a result of it has been some time. Bruce then threatens to steal her if Harvey wastes an excessive amount of and the DA responds in a relatively hilarious method.

Before turning into a headache to Batman and the GCPD, Harvey makes a reputation for himself as one of the best ever prosecutor to ever stroll town. It’s, due to this fact, becoming for him to give you a prosecution joke whereas warning Bruce to steer clear of his fiance. He is correct to be nervous too since Bruce is a recognized playboy.

When He Threatens Maroni

“The Joker Is Just A Mad Dog. I Want Whoever Let Him Off The Leash.” – The Dark Knight

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent Two Face in The Dark Knight

Maroni finds himself with a gun pointed to his head when he enters his automobile to drive. At the again of the seat is Two-Face, who refuses to just accept that certainly one of the best villains in The Dark Knight trilogy, the Joker, is working alone.

Most characters within the film concern the Joker, together with the mobsters, however Two-Face does not and that is due to his historical past as Gotham’s District Attorney. In the previous, he handled so many criminals that none scares him anymore. His refusal to enter a direct battle with the Joker additionally creates room for Batman to be the only real individual that offers with the Clown Prince of Crime.

When He Explains Why He Loves Tossing Coins

“Luck. Blind, Stupid, Simple, Doo-Dah, Clueless Luck.”  – Batman Forever

Two-Face At The Circus - Batman Forever

While making an attempt to elucidate why he loves tossing cash to find out the destiny of his victims, Tw0-Face explains that every little thing is about luck. He provides that it is due to luck that holy males are killed whereas dangerous individuals reside lengthy, and why one sibling is born a hero and one other a coward.

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Two-Face’s argument about luck taking part in a component in most occurrences is an inexpensive one however he refuses to consider the truth that actions have penalties too. It’s is not luck that drives him to rob banks within the film or to attempt to kill Batman. It is his personal free will. He may have simply chosen to do good like Batman however he did not.

When He Refuses To Tell Bruce About His Problems

“You Don’t Know The Half Of It.” – Batman: The Animated Series

Harvey Dent brushes aside Bruce Wayne's concerns in Batman The Animated Series

When Bruce spots Harvey strolling away simply earlier than the election outcomes are introduced, he approaches him, looking for out what’s fallacious. Harvey refuses to speak as a result of he’s being bothered by his cut up persona.

It’s maybe Harvey’s most becoming comment since there may be actually a half of him that Bruce and plenty of different individuals aren’t conscious of. Though he tries to maintain it suppressed for lengthy, he finally accepts who he’s and begins committing crimes. However, viewers get the impression that issues would not have gotten that far if he had opened up.

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