Batman Beyond star Will Friedle hopes to see the DC animated collection come again for extra.

Batman Beyond star Will Friedle says he would love for the collection to be revived. The actor, who stars as lead character and Batman of the long run Terry McGinnis all through the collection, expressed his hopes for a follow-up whereas talking with You can learn what he mentioned a few return to Batman Beyond beneath:

“One of the joys of being a voice-over actor is your voice doesn’t necessarily age. It does a little bit, but you can be 45 and still play 17 if you can hit the register. It’s a character who is so important to me, I would love to do more episodes. Not just because I know the fans would really love to see it, but a) I’d get to step back into the cowl again which would be incredible and b) I’d get to work with Kevin Conroy again. He and I are close friends and he’s such a wonderful actor and someone who was a mentor on this side of the acting industry. Knowing we would get to sit down in the booth together again would be phenomenal.”

First airing in 1999, Batman Beyond picks up with the DC icon in 2039 and follows the adventures of Terry McGinnis, a teen on the incorrect aspect of the tracks, who’s taken beneath the wing of an aged and retired Bruce Wane. Much like his well-known predecessor, Terry is pushed by regret and vengeance, and after being gifted with a high-tech bat-suit, decides to make use of all of the devices and coaching Bruce can throw at him to take down criminals within the harsh, crime-ridden Neo-Gotham.


The collection stays a fan-favorite, and Friedle is totally proper that audiences would like to see Batman Beyond again on screens all these years later.

The Batman Beyond Actor Would Love to See the Series Transformed right into a Live-Action Outing

Not solely does Friedle again an animated revival, he additionally goes on to offer his assist for a live-action Batman Beyond outing. Audiences have needed to see the story advised in live-action for a while, with the return of Michael Keaton within the likes of The Flash and Batgirl reinvigorating the idea with the Batman star strongly suggested for the role of the retired Bruce Wayne reverse Terry McGinnis’ new Dark Knight.

“You know, seeing a live-action version would be great. Just seeing the character again is awesome. He’s had such a rich life in the comic book world and I think he deserves to come back on screen in some form. At some point in the future, I’m sure he will. Who knows, but I have to imagine they’ll eventually do a movie or another series. We have continued to hope we’ll do more since the day we ended work on Return of The Joker, so we’d love to make it finally happen.”

Voice actor Will Friedle is not the only one with hopes of a Batman Beyond revival, with creator Bruce Timm having supplied his assist for the concept prior to now. But, for now, the choice lies within the fingers of Warner Bros. Surely, with the likes of Batman: The Animated Series getting a spiritual sequel in the form of Batman: Caped Crusader, it will probably solely be a matter of time earlier than audiences are taken again to Gotham 2039.

Batman Beyond Director Says New Episodes Are Possible If Fans Campaign for It

Batman Beyond Director Says New Episodes Are Possible If Fans Campaign for It

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