In the most recent challenge of Joker, Batgirl confirms essentially the most dependable weapon within the DC Universe when she’s attacked by a Talon from the Court of Owls.

Warning! Spoilers forward for Joker #7

In the most recent challenge of DC Comics’ Joker, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl has confirmed a few of the most dependable weapons within the DC Universe. While the collection has been largely targeted on Jim Gordon and his hunt for the Clown Prince of Crime within the aftermath of the Joker War, he is been receiving assist from his daughter Barbara, utilizing the complete assets of the Batcomputer to assist him in his search. However, this has put Batgirl within the sights of the Court of Owls, Jim Gordon’s secret employers who employed him to go after the Joker. Still, whereas Barbara and her fellow Batgirls have been attacked by one of many Court’s Talons, they have been in a position to flip the tide with the one weapon the murderer could not sabotage.

In earlier problems with Joker from author James Tynion IV and artist Guillem March, Jim Gordon is now not Gotham’s police commissioner and is nearing his reluctant retirement. However, earlier than that occurs, he is given the prospect to lastly take down his elusive “bogeyman,” the Joker himself. Hired by a mysterious girl named Cressida, Jim Gordon has been paid a large amount of cash and given ample assets to kill the Joker. However, whereas Gordon is set to trace Joker down, he does not but know if pulling the set off is what he’ll finally determine to do. Gordon’s new mission has additionally resulted in Jim revealing that he’s known Batgirl’s true identity for fairly a while, leading to extra honesty than the pair have ever had earlier than as father and daughter.

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Now, Joker #7 confirms that Cressida is working for the Court of Owls, and that they’ve despatched considered one of their Talon assassins to go after Barbara who had been utilizing her technical abilities to surveil the mysterious girl and study her true intentions. However, regardless that the Talon had sabotaged her costume and kit earlier than revealing himself, Barbara nonetheless has her batarangs and notes their reliability seeing as how they can not actually be ruined or tampered with.


Thanks to her batarangs, Barbara and her fellow Batgirls Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain have been in a position to get the higher hand in opposition to the Talon, forcing him to retreat. This challenge continues James Tynion IV’s love for the batarang by mentioning the weapon’s inherent reliability. In earlier problems with Batman from Tynion, in the course of the Joker War, Batman himself confirmed that his batarangs are more than just shurikens by one other identify. Bruce Wayne crafted them to be extra exact, offering larger accuracy whereas bearing a singular versatility.

All in all, batarangs have definitely earned their place because the Bat-Family’s main weapon of alternative. Not solely are they part of practically each Gotham vigilante’s arsenal, however they’ve additionally been custom-made for a wide range of makes use of over time as properly. Batgirl confirms on this new challenge of Joker that nothing fairly beats the basic batarang resulting from its reliability and resistance to sabotage within the DC Universe.

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