“I just love the art of costumes, textures, and fabrics,” muses Barbie Ferreira. Clad in a inexperienced cardigan with giant cat-eye glasses perched on her face, the 25-year-old gushes about her expertise of entering into character for our February cowl shoot. The factor I’ve come to study Ferreira through the years is she’s a shape-shifter. The manner she strikes fluidly between themes, characters, and costumes is as easy as respiration. So after we introduced her with the concept of collaborating on a high-fashion idea for this story, it’s not stunning she jumped in wholeheartedly. “Every time I do something, it’s a different vibe. It depends on how I’m feeling that day or what I’m trying to portray,” she says. Ferreira thrives within the worlds of fantasy and creativeness. Whether it’s the cool outfit galleries littering her Instagram feed, a daring new hair shade (her newest alternative being a beautiful copper shade), or an epic crimson carpet ensemble, she merely doesn’t miss.

“The movie is one of my favorites,” she tells me of our shoot’s Orlando theme. “The looks, the costumes, the queerness of it all—I love every chapter of it.” In the Virginia Woolf novel and early ’90s movie of the identical identify, the titular character Orlando ages solely 36 years within the story’s almost 400-year timeline and modifications their gender from man to lady. “​​I loved the universe it created, where it was just accepted that Orlando all of a sudden is wearing this Marie Antoinette clothing,” Ferreira says in regards to the movie’s wardrobe. As such, our shoot traverses the story’s theme of gender fluidity, with Ferreira posing in seems starting from a pussy-bow shirt tucked into classic trousers to an otherworldly corset paired with a caged skirt. It’s additionally no coincidence {that a} film Ferreira considers to be one in all her all-time favorites stars Tilda Swinton, an actress heralded for her metamorphic skills. “I love that the movie itself is very ideal in that way, where this character just transforms and everyone comes to accept it,” Ferreira provides.

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