As legacy characters like Superman and Batman develop in recognition, Barbara Gordon has secretly and surprisingly made Oracle right into a legacy character.

Ever for the reason that DC Universe was modified endlessly by the occasions of The Killing Joke, Barbara Gordon efficiently rebooted her crimefighting profession as Oracle. Since then, Oracle has served largely because the glue which holds the Bat-Family collectively. From behind the scenes, Babara as Oracle makes use of expertise to collect up-to-date secret info for Batman and co. that helps advance their pursuit of justice.

While Barbara Gordon was capable of craft a one-of-a-kind id to tug herself out of The Joker’s trauma and The Bat’s shadow, she’s not the one character to take up the position of Oracle. The first however removed from the final. On Prime Earth, Gus Yale turns into the brand new Oracle when Barbara disappears. In the identical universe, there is a robotic evil Oracle whom Barbara created as an assistant, however went haywire. Elsewhere, in the Flashpoint universe, after she’s paralyzed by The Joker and may now not be Catwoman, Selina Kyle turns into a significant asset to the Bat-Family by becoming a computer hacker under the codename Oracle.


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Most not too long ago, Batman ’89 #6 by Sam Hamm and Joe Quinones ends with Catwoman reaching out to Barbara Gordon (who, on this universe, is the Gotham Police Department’s sergeant in cost, in addition to Harvey Dent’s fiancé earlier than he turns into Two-Face) to turn into “your oracle.” Seeing how typically and incessantly the Oracle namesake has been handed on from one particular person to the following not solely exposes the mantle as an surprising legacy hero however arguably DC’s most necessary.

panels from Batman '89 #6

In the present scope of comics, legacy characters are extra widespread than they ever have been. Jon Kent simply took over his father’s mantle, Lucius Fox’s estranged son Tim is the brand new Batman, and Yara Flor is Wonder Woman in Diana’s absence. These are just some latest examples of the present pattern. Barbara Gordon’s Oracle evolving into such a legacy act presents an interesting prospect. More than simply within the scope of her present, canonical run within the comics, however the historic implications of Oracle’s origins. The origins of Oracle stem straight from The Joker paralyzing her in a vicious, invasive assault that successfully ended her profession as Batgirl. However, moderately than have her profession outlined by tragedy, she used her sources, help system, and wits to search out another. As a consequence, Barbara Gordon has been simply as efficient, if no more, as Oracle than she was Batgirl in her efforts to guard Gotham.

Even simpler contemplating that it’s through this Oracle moniker that Barbara Gordon inspires others to observe in her footsteps to reclaim their company in the identical means that she herself did following her assault from The Joker. Not solely was Barbara capable of pull herself collectively, however pull DC’s strongest superhero household collectively within the course of. Given the symbolic significance and simply Barbara Gordon’s general affect on each Gotham and the Bat-Family, the Oracle namesake could be a very powerful legacy act within the DC Universe.

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