Nicolas Cage’s 2008 action-thriller nearly had a VERY totally different ending that will have solely modified Bangkok Dangerous’ entire message.

Nicolas Cage’s 2008 action-thriller Bangkok Dangerous comes with an alternate ending that utterly modifications the movie’s tone. Bangkok Dangerous follows Cage’s Joe, a world murderer who lives by a easy code with 4 easy guidelines that allow him to work successfully and maintain himself out of bother: (1) by no means socialize exterior work, (2) keep secluded to quiet places, (3) by no means work together with handlers, and (4) at all times go away on time and not using a hint. However, in Bangkok for his ultimate job, Joe faces the largest problem of his profession: he falls in love and befriends an area man, each of which jeopardize his mission and his private code.

It won’t reinvent the wheel, however it’s a coherent sufficient story: a killer with no conscience immediately grows one on the eleventh hour. Yet, unknown to many who noticed the unique, Bangkok Dangerous additionally has an alternate ending that will have solely modified the movie’s message. Some alternate endings ruin entire movies, however some go so far as to rework the context for every part that occurred earlier than, as is the case with Bangkok Dangerous.

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The movie’s authentic ending sees Cage’s Joe die because of breaking his personal guidelines. The murderer stayed too lengthy, cared an excessive amount of, and died taking out his personal employer as a way to save his protegé, Kong. However, the alternate ending sees Kong rescue Joe from the police on the final minute, which primarily flips the whole movie on its head.

Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous

The alternate “happy” ending, the place Joe does not die arm-in-arm with a famend legal kingpin, really proves that Joe was incorrect all alongside and that his guidelines had been really holding him again. Kong saving him works as a redemption arc for Joe, giving him a happy ending that he didn’t deserve. It additionally makes Kong extra of a hero, versus the helpless bystander he’s within the authentic ending. This shifts the main target from Joe to his scholar.

The ending that sees Joe survive is a bit more satisfying on the floor, however, in actuality, it really makes far much less sense. Joe has survived as a profession murderer by carefully following his guidelines, as disagreeable as they could be. Disregarding these guidelines on his ultimate job signifies that he is looking for himself exterior of his legal exercise, and his dying primarily proves the outdated adage: “crime doesn’t pay.” Joe paying the last word worth for a lifetime of leaving our bodies in his wake is a far more logical conclusion than the alternate ending.

This is the more than likely cause the alternate ending wasn’t used, because it derails Joe’s whole arc. Joe was chilly and alone, and he warmed to the individuals round him on his ultimate job. While it isn’t far-fetched that these relationships might have saved his life, the alternate ending would enable the character to get away from a lifetime of homicide with out consequence, which is not an ideal line to cross, ethically talking. Still, Bangkok Dangerous wasn’t ever a movie that went out of its solution to promote realism or ethical conscience. Perhaps the alternate happier ending would have been preferable. If nothing else, it was actually far much less abrupt than the unique.

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