Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s Prince Zuko misplaced his mom when he was only a youngster and is presumed lifeless, however the tie-in comics inform the story of precisely why she disappeared and the place she has been. The exiled son of Fire Lord Ozai, Zuko spends a lot of Avatar: The Last Airbender appearing as an antagonist in the direction of Aang and his buddies, since capturing the Avatar is the one approach Zuko will ever be allowed an honorable return to the Fire Nation. Over time, nonetheless, Zuko redeems himself and finally fights alongside Aang to defeat his father, Fire Lord Ozai.

Zuko’s mom known as Ursa, and she or he is the granddaughter of Roku, the Fire Nation Avatar who preceded Aang. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s only revealed that she made a cut price for Zuko’s life when his father was planning to kill him and that she was later despatched away from the Fire Nation. But who is Zuko’s mom? The lack of expertise within the ATLA TV present led audiences to consider she was lifeless. However, on the finish of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the younger Fire Prince confronts his father in jail, demanding to know something about what actually occurred to Zuko’s mom.


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Luckily, there’s a sequence of sequel comics written by Gene Luen Yang with Avatar: The Last Airbender showrunners Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, set within the days after Avatar Aang defeats Fire Lord Ozai. One of the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics’ story arcs, The Search, particulars Zuko’s quest to seek out out what occurred to his mom — and maybe even be reunited together with her. Here is the reality about what occurred to Ursa, why she was banished, and the place she ended up.

Zuko’s Real Mother — Identity & Backstory Explained

Avatar The Last Airbender Zuko Mother

On the evening that Ikem proposed to Ursa throughout considered one of their play rehearsals, Ursa returned residence to seek out Fire Lord Azulon and his son Prince Ozai in her residence. Zuko’s grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon, heard a prophecy from the Fire Sages that recommended that he ought to combine his bloodline with that of Avatar Roku. This would supposedly produce descendants with nice energy, securing his household’s place on the throne lengthy after he was gone. He managed to trace down Ursa and compelled her to marry Zuko’s father, Ozai, though she was already betrothed to Ikem.

With no actual alternative within the matter, Ursa needed to settle for Prince Ozai’s proposal and depart instantly for her new life as a Fire Nation Princess. Ikem tried to cease them from leaving, forcing Ursa to lie about her true emotions for him and declare that Prince Ozai was the higher possibility for her future. Shortly after Ursa’s marriage ceremony to Prince Ozai, he pressured her to interrupt off communication together with her household again in Hira’a. Although she tried to ship letters to her household, Ozai made positive that they had been by no means obtained. He had firmly separated Ursa from all of her family members.

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Why Zuko’s Mother Was Banished

Avatar The Last Airbender Ursa Ozai

Zuko’s mom, Ursa, lived for a few years as Fire Princess and gave Prince Ozai two kids, Zuko and Azula. When the youngsters had been nonetheless very younger, their cousin (Uncle Iroh’s only son) Lu Ten was killed in battle. The kids overheard Ozai asking his father Azulon to go Iroh’s throne birthright to him as an alternative of Iroh since Iroh had deserted his duties as General in his grief. As punishment for Ozai’s insolence, Azulon needed Ozai to really feel the ache Iroh had felt upon dropping his firstborn son and ordered Ozai to kill Zuko.

Upon discovering this plot, Ursa made a take care of Ozai: she would use her natural abilities to concoct a colorless and odorless poison in order that Azulon might be killed (and Zuko’s life spared) and Ozai might take his place as Fire Lord. Zuko’s father, Ozai, agreed to the homicide plot on one situation: after Azulon was lifeless, Ursa would go away the Fire Nation and by no means return, making certain that she might by no means use the identical poison on Ozai. Ozai additionally threatened that ought to Ursa attempt to take her kids together with her, he would hunt all of them down and kill them. A heartbroken Ursa was pressured to depart her kids behind.

What Happened To Zuko’s Mother After She Was Banished

Avatar The Last Airbender Ursa Forgets

After fleeing the Fire Nation Palace, Ursa returned to the village the place she was born. There, she met a person known as Noren — who was truly her old flame, Ikem. Ikem had requested a spirit known as the Mother of Faces to alter his look so he might escape Ozai’s wrath. Ursa determined in Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search that she would make the same take care of the Mother of Faces to get a contemporary begin in life. However, when the Mother of Faces felt the ache in Ursa’s coronary heart she provided one thing additional: not solely a brand new face however a brand new thoughts, the place all her reminiscences of her life as Ozai’s spouse can be erased. Ursa made the troublesome option to neglect her kids together with the remainder of her former life and was given a brand new face and a brand new title: Noriko. She and Noren lived in peace collectively for a few years and had a daughter known as Kiyi — Zuko and Azula‘s half-sister.

Zuko Is Reunited With His Mother

Avatar The Last Airbender Zuko With Ursa

Zuko first meets Noren and Noriko in The Search with out realizing that they’re truly Ikem and Ursa. After studying the reality from the Mother of Faces, Zuko returns to the village and divulges to Noriko/Ursa that he’s her son. Noriko then chooses to have her face and reminiscences restored and, lastly, she and Zuko are correctly reunited. Azula, sadly, isn’t so fast to forgive her mom. Having been pushed mad on the finish of Avatar: The Last Airbender, she believed that Ursa had been secretly plotting her downfall all her life and was answerable for every part unhealthy that had ever occurred to her. Fire Lord Zuko manages to cease Azula from killing their mom, Ursa, and watches helplessly as his sister runs away. The Search ends with Ursa promising to inform Zuko every part about her life, ranging from the very starting. The Fire Lord household nonetheless has fairly a little bit of trauma to unpack, however with a constructive mom determine again of their lives, the comics suggests they’ll work it out.

Later within the Avatar: The Last Airbender companion comics, Ursa returns to the Fire Nation Palace for the primary time since she was banished and at last confronts Ozai once more — now powerless and locked up within the dungeons. Ozai proceeds to threaten to destroy everybody she loves, however Ursa sees him for what he actually is: “a small, small man.” Ursa walks away from the disgraced ex-Fire Lord, now not afraid of her former husband, ignoring him as he impotently orders her to grovel for him.

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