Avatar: The Last Airbender is full of extremely unhappy moments which have brought about audiences to tearbend. From the demise of Katara’s mom to Azula’s breakdown, there are many scenes which will break a viewer’s coronary heart.

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However, it’s usually a singular quote in a scene that actually causes the second to be crushing. A:TLA is stuffed to the brim with humorous, heartfelt, and galvanizing quotes which have turn out to be iconic, and it’s no totally different for his or her unhappy quotes as properly. In reality, there are some traces which might be nonetheless well-known, or notorious, to this present day.

Azula (The Beach)

“My Own Mother Thought I Was A Monster.”

Since Azula is a cut-throat villain, it is simple to overlook that she can also be a toddler who has emotions of her personal. While throughout her childhood she was Ozai’s favourite, her mom Ursa clearly favored Zuko. This favoritism had an impact on Azula, as she was made to really feel like a monster, even if she was merely a child introduced up in a violent house.


While Azula claims that she is a monster, and her actions usually assist these phrases, it’s clear that her mom’s opinion of her nonetheless hurts Azula to this present day. When she admits this to her associates, it is considered one of her few weak moments, and it is very unhappy to observe.

Katara (The Southern Raiders)

“Then You Didn’t Love Her The Way I Did!”

Katara looking angry under the rain in ATLA

Losing her mom Kya at such a younger age might be the saddest thing about Katara, because it haunts her all through the collection. When she finds out that Zuko can take her to her mom’s assassin, Katara is determined to make this man pay. When Sokka tries to speak her out of it, saying that Kya was his mom too, Katara yells out this line.

Katara is clearly in an emotional state and does not really imply what she is saying, however it’s nonetheless extremely hurtful for Sokka to listen to. The second is surprising, and it reveals simply how badly these youngsters have been affected by the ravages of conflict.

Zuko (Sozin’s Comet: Part 2)

“I Am So, So Sorry Uncle. I Am So Sorry And Ashamed Of What I Did.”

Zuko crying in ATLA

Zuko goes by an enormous redemption arc all through the collection, and whereas he is an effective particular person by the finale, he has carried out numerous terrible issues. One of those horrible decisions was betraying his Uncle Iroh, which led to Iroh being imprisoned. When the 2 lastly reunite after Zuko has been redeemed, Zuko is so ashamed of himself that he dreads talking to his uncle.

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When Zuko does apologize to his uncle, he breaks down crying, and it is heartbreaking to see how ashamed of himself he’s. Their relationship is so very important to the collection, that their reunion can not help however deliver tears to audiences’ eyes. Thankfully, Iroh forgives Zuko immediately, and they’re collectively as soon as once more.

Aang (The Southern Air Temple)

“I Really Am The Last Airbender.”

Being the final of his nation is one of the saddest things about Aang, and it’s encapsulated on this quote. Aang stays considerably in denial in regards to the destiny of his tradition all through the episode, so when he sees the skeleton of Monk Gyatso, he has an emotional breakdown that triggers the Avatar State. Thankfully, Katara is ready to calm him down, however Aang stays upset and says this.

Aang’s realization could be very upsetting to listen to since he’s solely twelve and it all of a sudden looks like your entire world has been positioned on his shoulders. Losing one’s complete tradition is nearly unimaginable to think about, however it’s a tragedy that Aang should face.

Iroh (The Tales Of Ba Sing Se)

“Little Soldier Boy, Come Marching Home.”

Avatar The Last Airbender Iroh Son Lu Ten

Iroh mourning the lack of his son is the saddest moment in A:TLA. But it’s the music “Leaves from the Vine” that makes it so heartbreaking, as Iroh sings the music to his late son for his birthday. The music particulars a courageous soldier boy getting to return house after a battle, which is tragic, since Iroh’s son by no means acquired to do this.

This line within the music is especially the saddest, as that is when Iroh begins full-on sobbing over his son. Seeing such a cheerful and dignified character break down is surprising to observe, and it’s nearly unimaginable to not cry with him.

Yue (The Siege Of The North: Part 2)

“Goodbye Sokka, I’ll Always Be With You.”

Yue’s demise was one of many first actually unhappy moments within the collection. Her sacrifice results in the return of the moon spirit, and the victory of the Northern Water Tribe within the season finale. But she leaves behind a mourning Sokka, and he can solely cry out repeatedly, “She’s gone. She’s gone.”

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But earlier than she absolutely turns into the moon spirit, she reappears in entrance of Sokka to say goodbye. She then kisses him and disappears. While the quote provides Sokka some closure, it does not cease Yue’s demise from being extremely crushing, which this in the end encapsulates.

Sokka (The Runaway)

“When I Try To Remember My Mom, Katara’s Is The Only Face I Can Picture.”

Sokka looking sad while a bird stands on his arm in ATLA

The lack of his mom is considered one of the saddest things about Sokka, however what makes it much more heartbreaking is that since he misplaced her at such a younger age, he usually finds it laborious to recollect her. When he talks to Toph about how overbearing Katara will be, Sokka admits that he has come to depend on it.

Since their mom died, Katara had at all times taken care of Sokka, and Sokka can not help however see Katara’s face when he tries to recollect what his mom appeared like. Sokka hadn’t informed anybody this earlier than he tells Toph. So it is a very weak second for Sokka, and it is vitally unhappy to listen to.

Zuko (Bitter Work)

“Come On, Strike Me! You’ve Never Held Back Before!”

Iroh turns his back on Zuko in ATLA

Zuko’s life is filled with sad things, and he usually has to face his inside turmoil. For instance, when Iroh tries to show him the way to redirect lighting, Zuko is simply too stuffed with anger and ache to have the ability to do that approach.

He climbs to the highest of a mountain throughout a storm, and yells on the sky to strike him in order that he can observe. The viewers can infer that Zuko is not a lot indignant on the sky, fairly he’s indignant at all the struggling that he has gone by. This can also be one of many remaining traces of the episode, leaving it on a somber observe.

Toph (The Library)

“I’m Sorry Appa.”

Split image of Toph and Appa in the desert and Appa being captured in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The second that Appa is stolen by sandbenders is a tough second to observe, however what makes the state of affairs even worse is that Toph is there however cannot do something to save lots of him. She is struggling to carry onto the library, and her sight is impeded by the sand beneath her ft.

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This implies that she should make a selection between letting Appa be taken, or letting her associates die. She chooses the previous, however states how sorry she is as he’s dragged away. This quote is extremely unhappy as a result of viewers can really feel her guilt in each phrase, and this guilt hangs over her till Appa finally returns.

Toph (Lake Laogai)

“He’s lying.”

Avatar The Last Airbender Jet Death

Toph has the power to inform when persons are mendacity, which we first see her use on Jet when he reappears in Ba Sing Se. However, when Jet is fatally wounded in a struggle in opposition to Long Feng, Toph’s talent creates a really unhappy state of affairs.

Jet’s demise is already unhappy sufficient, because the Gaang should proceed on with out him. They do not wish to depart Jet behind, however Jet reassures them, saying “Don’t worry Katara, I’ll be fine.” He smiles comfortingly at Katara, however as they stroll away Toph sadly says to Sokka, “He’s lying.” Jet’s bravery in his personal demise, and Toph’s data of that, makes a really unhappy quote.

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