Despite calling for the safety of the marine ecosystem, “Avatar 2” comes below fireplace for a current “dolphin show”.

On December tenth, the workforce of “Avatar: The Way of Water” (“Avatar 2”), together with director James Cameron and actors Zoe Saldaña, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang, watched a dolphin present previous to the movie’s press convention, which was held at Maxwell Aqua Park Shinagawa in Tokyo, Japan. In the present, the keepers climbed on the dolphins’ beaks, jumped, and stomped on the dolphins as if driving a jet ski, spinning on the water. In addition, the dolphins jumped up unexpectedly to the music and moved in excellent order.

At the top of the present, director James Cameron and the actors applauded. James Cameron was requested about his emotions in regards to the dolphin present, to which he mentioned, “I love these animals, I love their intelligence”. He additionally added that he beloved the dolphins’ capability to speak with people and even joked that the folks requested the dolphins for “their permission to be in the show”. Finally, he expressed the wish to be within the present, and that he’d like to trip a dolphin.

Such phrases and actions are extraordinarily ironic, seeing that James Cameron typically referred to as for the safety of the atmosphere and animals. While the occasion was organized by The Walt Disney Company Japan and James Cameron was making a joke, his comment was problematic. Dolphin followers and environmentalists additionally expressed their disappointment, shaking their heads on the director’s mistake.

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In addition, Walt Disney Company Japan’s promotion route has gone flawed. Planning a dolphin present together with the promotion of “Avatar 2”, which comprises the message criticizing people for destroying the marine ecosystem, is extra of a catastrophe than only a lack of movie-making understanding. All branches will proceed with the promotion after receiving affirmation from the headquarters, which is Walt Disney’s company-wide communication downside and enterprise setback.

Regardless of the rationale, this controversy has left a painful stain on the repute of “Avatar 2”. It is such an irony when the primary character actors of “Avatar 2”, who accuse people of killing marine life by means of their work, casually applauded on the dolphin present, which forces dolphins which are raised in small aquariums to maneuver like machines. The sincerity of James Cameron, who voiced for atmosphere and animal safety, additionally went in useless.

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However, director James Cameron of “Avatar 2” has not launched any place relating to this concern.

Despite the controversy, “Avatar 2” workforce continues to be eagerly selling its film by releasing promotional content material and reaching 2 million viewers on the fifth day of its release. According to studies as of seven a.m. on December 18th, “Avatar 2” succeeded in attracting 2,414,554 moviegoers. In this regard, “Avatar 2” manufacturing workforce mentioned, “We achieved this box office success faster than the previous film ‘Avatar’, which surpassed 2 million admissions after 6 days. This has revitalized the sluggish performance of the cinema industry and showed the power of a movie that raised high expectations from people all around the world”.

While watching the dolphin present, “Avatar 2” workforce clapped enthusiastically. James Cameron even made a slip of the tongue, saying “I want to join this show. I want to ride a dolphin”. However, the controversy is being overshadowed by the promotion of “Avatar 2”, which is specializing in the achievement of hitting 2 million viewers sooner than the earlier movie. This makes netizens elevate doubts in regards to the message of “Avatar 2”, which is “Mankind must take the lead in protecting nature and animals”.

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