Credit: MAPPA Ltd.

Zack Snyder is undoubtedly one of the distinguished figures in style filmmaking, however who knew that his work would even affect one thing like Attack on Titan, a lot much less the work on its ultimate season?

That certainly appears to be the case, based on director Yuichiro Hayashi, who revealed in a recent interview that the extremely common anime took inspiration from Snyder’s 300 to inform the story of Ymir the Founder.

“I struggled a lot with what to do with the visuals of that scene. I didn’t want to make it an ordinary flashback. I wanted its look to be more striking. The characters look darker because they’re all against the light, while the sky is glowing brighter. We wanted it to look like some images from the movie 300. It looks kind of like bleach bypass. It has created an extraordinary ambiance. I thought that the ordinary blue sky would not fit that scene. We needed a world with a tense, unsettling atmosphere to show something unusual is happening.”

The second a part of the ultimate season lastly revealed the reality about Ymir Fritz, the woman who initially stumbled upon the ability of the Titans and adjusted the world perpetually. The sequence that depicts her story is brutal and tragic, underpinned by an animation model that pulls a powerful distinction with the remainder of the story.

Now we all know how MAPPA got here up with the distinctive undertone for the flashback episode, although most viewers will nonetheless discover it tough to make the connection given the massive variations between live-action and animation.

attack on titan final season
Credit: MAPPA Ltd / Attack on Titan: The Final Season

Attack on Titan will proceed subsequent with the 84th episode. After that, we’ll solely have two different outings separating us from the collection finale, which many followers consider will be a feature-length episode.

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