Fans are in shock over the expansion the group has had!

Fans of ATEEZ know that the group has modified fairly a bit since their debut, however how a lot have the members of ATEEZ individually modified since their debut in 2018?

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ATEEZ | ATEEZofficial/Youtube

Recently, followers have posted many pictures of ATEEZ on their present tour, “THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL” and have seen the group has a way more manly and mature look!

Though all eight members of ATEEZ have matured since their 2018 debut, one member, specifically, has shocked followers probably the most along with his excessive change!

When ATEEZ’s San debuted, he was not so muscular, however said his purpose was to achieve weight and muscle by going to the health club and exercising. Fans can see this purpose has been achieved as his shoulders have doubled in measurement.

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ATEEZ’s San | @marsilabotros/Twitter

Another member of ATEEZ that has had a significant look change since debut is Wooyoung, who famously misplaced 14kg after their debut, in his personal efforts to lose “baby fat”. Though followers didn’t suppose Wooyoung wanted to drop pounds, he actually does look extra mature!

Another ATEEZ member that has modified bodily since their debut is Mingi. Fans have seen Mingi has placed on extra muscle and has usually turn out to be a bit manlier in his total appears!

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ATEEZ’s Mingi | Mnet

Overall, ATEEZ has matured lots since their 2018 debut and followers have undoubtedly taken discover!

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