In a latest V LIVE, ASTRO’s Moonbin talked a bit about his sister Moon Sua, who’s a member of the upcoming lady group, Billlie. In this dwell broadcast, he acquired the query of, “Did you watch your sister’s dance video?” and watched the video once more whereas giving out suggestions and pointers.

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While watching the dance observe video from Mystic Rookies, he factors out sure facets of her dance that she may enhance on.

Since Sua has a small body, she has to make huge actions to be able to see her motion nicely. But she has a great sense of rhythm, so she simply must work on her traces and steadiness.

— Moonbin

From steadiness, hand actions, and power, he continued to level out particular components that wanted work. Fans that had been watching left messages saying that they had been on Sua’s facet.

| 문빈 최고라서 달리는 계정/YouTube

Reading this, Moonbin reassured them that this was simply recommendation, not harsh critique. “Who’s side am I on? I’m also on Sua’s side!” Don’t find out about you all, however all we see is a candy brother looking for his sister over right here!

You can watch Sua dance within the dance observe video beneath!

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