The iconic WATERBOMB Festival is understood for its thrilling performances and “hot” outfits that performers put on since they’re being sprayed with water.

Recently ASTRO‘s Moonbin and Sanha performed at the 2022 WATERBOMB Festival in Busan, delighting fans with their subunit songs. And while both Moonbin and Sanha looked amazing in their initial outfits for the festival, already leaving fans speechless…

Moonbin and Sanha | @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter

| @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter

Fans were stunned when Moonbin took off his shirt during their performance.

| @MoonBinGlobal/Twitter 

Not wanting to be the only shirtless performer, Moonbin ensured that Sanha also lost his shirt.

| @_moonkongdal/Twitter 

Much to the delight of cheering fans.

| @_moonkongdal/Twitter 

They can’t assist however evaluate it to when Moonbin additionally inspired JinJin to take off his shirt at a latest efficiency.

And followers can’t assist however be stunned at ASTRO’s evolution for the reason that member’s abs was once coated up by emojis of their movies.

But principally, followers are simply grateful for the photographs Sanha uploaded after the live performance.

| @ddana_yoon/Instagram

| @ddana_yoon/Instagram

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