This may be his finest look but!

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is known for his stunning visuals, regardless of his hair color and style. The star can pull off just about any look!

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ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | 1st Look

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Recently, Eunwoo trended for being able to beat the harsh “Getty Images” photography whereas he was in Egypt for Dior, along with charming among the world’s greatest stars.

Eunwoo additionally went viral for his visuals in previews for the upcoming K-Drama Island, the place he performs a priest that performs exorcisms to “protect life and purify evil.”

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Now, Eunwoo has excited followers by debuting a brand new look in his newest journal characteristic!

Fans had been thrilled with it was revealed that Eunwoo could be the duvet star for ELLE Korea‘s January edition. His past appearances in ELLE have become some of his most iconic and well-known looks.

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After ELLE began to share the different covers of Eunwoo that would be available, fans couldn’t assist however discover one thing totally different within the photographs.

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Eunwoo’s hair is styled in a brilliant trendy lengthy mullet! While Eunwoo has had a mullet earlier than, it was not the identical as this new type that has grow to be extraordinarily well-liked amongst male K-Pop idols.

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Fans haven’t been holding again how strongly they really feel about Eunwoo’s coiffure and have taken to Twitter to share their interior ideas.

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