Actor Asha Negi says movie actors getting preferential remedy is comprehensible as movies are their territory.

Asha Negi will get excited if you point out OTT and the initiatives she has executed on the medium to date. It has not simply given her extra recognition, however in her phrases, “totally changed the entire game” for her.

Baarish in 2019 was her internet debut, and she or he adopted it up with the Anurag Basu-directed movie Ludo which fetched her essential appreciation. Then got here the third season of the present Abhay 3 with Kunal Kemmu. “We all know how challenging and difficult it is to move from TV to films. It has now become a little easier or open towards TV actors, OTT has opened a lot of opportunities for us actors,” she says.

She can also be fast so as to add that on OTT, one doesn’t get a way of being handled any much less for those who don’t belong to movies. “You don’t feel any difference in people’s behaviour towards TV actors here, and I think that is more fun- your work being appreciated. I remember while working on Abhay, there was a very difficult scene, and I got it really well after a few retakes. Kunal came to me and said ‘that was really good’ There is no film or TV actor, you just do your work with dedication. If you have talent, that will get appreciated, that’s the best part,” explains the 32-year-old, who’s engaged on one other internet venture at the moment.

Did Negi ever must face the hierarchical remedy wherever, since she got here from TV? She says, “Frankly, as of now I have only worked in shows and films which were meant for OTT. Ludo was a film, but it was directed by Anurag Basu, and dada is like family. His film sets have a homely environment. As far as my other friends who are doing films are concerned, I am not just hearing it, I know there will be preferential treatment towards film actors in front of TV actors. Frankly, we all are okay with it, since films are their home ground and we are coming and entering. Initially, it will be like that. But after three-four films, it will be the same for you.”

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