The father can be mentioned to have threatened to stab his son with a weapon. 

News of comic Park Soo Hong‘s assault by his own father has shocked the nation. While details of the assault trickled in, the comedian’s shut good friend, Singer Son Heon Soo, criticized the prosecutors for permitting the assault to happen.

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According to information studies, Park Soo Hong and his father have been set to fulfill with prosecutors for a deposition relating to Park Soo Hong’s brother, who allegedly embezzled cash from the comic.

According to Park Soo Hong’s lawyer, the daddy instantly attacked his son for “Not greeting his father.” The father can be mentioned to have threatened to stab his son with a weapon.

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Park Soo Hong is alleged to have responded to his father’s assault by asking how his father might do that to him. According to studies, the comic then began hyperventilating from the shock and was transported to the hospital.

How are you able to do that to me when I’m the one who fed this household?

— Park Soo Hong

Park Soo Hong’s father beforehand made information when he acknowledged he could be taking the facet of the comic’s brother, who’s alleged to have embezzled over ₩2.10 billion KRW (about $1.47 million USD) of Park Soo Hong’s earnings. According to studies, the daddy had additionally beforehand threatened Park Soo Hong with a hammer and is at present making an attempt to defend the brother by stating he was the one who dedicated the entire crimes.

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While the nation was shocked by the information, one among Park Soo Hong’s closest associates, singer Son Heon Soo, lambasted prosecutors, stating that each one of this might’ve been prevented if prosecutors had taken Park Soo Hong’s requests for security extra significantly.

On October 4, Son Heon Soo uploaded to his Instagram his grievances about the best way prosecutors have been dealing with the case.

The prosecutor dealing with this case has modified six instances. Each time, they ask the identical questions and examine as if Park Soo Hong is the prison whereas demanding he current proof himself. Despite the quantity of proof already current, they demanded a deposition whereas stating the accused should even have their say. Park Soo Hong requested for safety on account of worry his father would assault him, however he was ignored. I can perceive why so many victims finish their life throughout investigations. Why is our nation so merciless to the victims?

— Son Heon Soo

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Source: E Daily and Herald Pop

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