Brace your self for #5. 🔥

From his hottest photoshoots to his sexiest dance strikes, BTS‘s Jimin knows exactly what to do to make ARMY go crazy! In a recent Twitter thread, fans shared their personal favorite sexy moments from Jimin. Check out some of the most mentioned moments below!

1. His insane body rolls during “Permission to Dance: On Stage”

2. This life-changing moment during his performance of “Filter”

3. When he slapped the air to the beat like this

4. This viral moment of his gorgeous face and sparkling eyes

5. The legendary 2014 MAMA stage where he ripped his shirt off

6. When he knew he looked good after getting “checked out”

7. Three words: Kitty Gang Jimin

8. Singing with his lower, sexy voice

9. His “Alley Cat” photoshoot for 2022 Season’s Greetings

10. Singing the strains “Baby I…” throughout his half in “Make It Right”

11. Rapper Jimin leaving everybody shook throughout “Chicken Noodle Soup”

12. The iconic “Perfect Man” efficiency that no one will ever recuperate from

13. His physique rolls throughout “Boyz With Fun”

14. Every second of his “Serendipity” efficiency

15. His total existence throughout The Red Bullet period

16. His “Tony Montana” efficiency with Agust D

Source: @SumSumSeVeN/Twitter
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