Television character and VJ Anusha Dandekar on Thursday hinted that she’s relationship, months after her boyfriend Jason Shah eliminated her Instagram footage and sparked break up rumours. Anusha held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter.

Anusha Dandekar wrote, “Heyyyy okay I’m just so terrible at Twitter these last couple of years! Let’s do a QNA here… the strangest questions will get answers! Shall we start… if anyone is still here on my Twitter page hehe… missed you! Ask me anything strange now! Gooo!”

A fan requested her, “Have you been dating anyone and will you be on any new shows? (You did ask for strange Qs)” She replied, “I haven’t and I’m not doing any new show just yet but hopefully sooon, just for the show part not dating part. (winking face and smiling face with smiling eyes emojis).”

Recently, Anusha had additionally spoken about her present relationship standing. On Instagram Stories, she had stated, “Single, sexy and free. Making my own money!”

Earlier in August, rumours of break up gained stream after Jason deleted all of the photographs of Anusha Dandekar from his Instagram web page.

On Thursday, when she was requested, “If you built an empire…what would be your first rule in the rule book Answerrrrr!”, she replied, “Let Karma be immediately received! Good or Bad… I believe everyone will strive to be kinder to each other !”

A consumer additionally requested her, “Hello @VJAnusha what’s your opinion about Pratik Sehajpal as you spent some time with him?” She replied, “I think he’s really sweet and funny… Red heart And he always used to say lovely things to me…I even danced with him once! And I believe he was following me on insta and now someone told me he isn’t, so now I’m hurt.”

Anusha was additionally requested, “Have u ever got up in between the sleep at midnight and craved for ur fav food?” She replied, “Omg yes and it was a burger and fries!!! That I used to eat in Australia at the corner shop from my school! It was the beeessst!”

An individual wrote, “Why does a society identify a woman by her relationship and not by her achievements??? why isn’t a successful woman given the same respect like a man…” She stated, “We are changing that! May be slowly but it’s still progress… and hopefully, future generations won’t have to fight the fight!”

“Ever licked your foot? (you asked for the strangest questions, right?)” requested a fan. She replied, “Bahahahaahaha I guess this counts as strangest so far! And the answer is No! Hahaha eww although my feet are always clean!”

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Anusha, has acted in films corresponding to Anthony Kaun Hai? and Viruddh. She has additionally hosted reveals corresponding to MTV Love School and India’s Next Top Model.

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