The newest episode of Anupamaa is all about celebration and festivities on the event of Navratri. Anupamaa and Anuj are invited for a Garba night time close to Shahs’ home, Leela will get agitated seeing Anupamaa being honoured. Meanwhile, Barkha plans one thing towards the Shah household. Keep studying this text to search out out extra from this episode. Also learn: Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa does Navratri-special Garba dance in viral video

Toshu is barred from becoming a member of the Navratri perform

Both Kapadias and Shahs are celebrating Durga Ashtami collectively. Anu, together with different younger ladies, receives presents from Vanraj and Hasmukh as a part of the rituals. Leela constantly taunts Anupamaa over breaking the household. However, Anupamaa stays agency on her choice. She strictly warns Toshu towards becoming a member of the Garba perform of their neighborhood. Toshu can be decided that it doesn’t matter what anybody says, he’ll come for the perform and have a good time along with his daughter.

Later, everybody within the Shah household besides Toshu prepare for the perform. Leela continues to sulk about him not coming. Vanraj asks her to know that he cannot be forgiven so simply for what he did. They attain the venue however and look ahead to Anuj and Anupamaa. An even bigger shock awaits them on the perform, which leaves Leela indignant once more. Meanwhile, Toshu sulks within the nook as he’s not allowed to enter the venue. He plans to do one thing drastic to get again at Anupamaa and meet his daughter, Pari.

Anupamaa is honoured

When the Shahs arrive on the location, they see that Anuj and Anupamaa are literally the chief visitors at this perform. Where Hasmukh feels happy with his daughter, Anupamaa, Leela will get mad on the organizers for honouring Anupamaa and Anuj as dignitaries. Anupamaa arrives ready for the Garba night time and Anuj praises her look. They are reminded of their first Garba night time, which introduced them collectively. Anupamaa and Anuj get on the stage to start the celebration, however the surprises have not ended but. The organizers announce that the girl to be felicitated by Anupamaa is nobody else however Leela Shah. Leela feels humiliated being honored by Anupamaa as she disrespected her in the identical perform the earlier 12 months. But regardless of that, Anupamaa felicitates her respectfully. However, it would not appear to be the drama has ended but. Barkha additionally informs Ankush about some plans she already made to make this night time extra memorable and dramatic for the Shahs.

In the following episode, Toshu will execute his evil plan to take Pari away from everybody. Anupamaa will discover a letter in Pari’s cradle after she goes lacking. Keep studying extra articles on HT highlights to search out out extra.

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