In this episode of Anupamaa, Anuj advises Anupamaa to steer clear of the Shah household. Shocked by Anuj’s phrases, Anupama will get into an argument with him. Later, Barkha tries to benefit from their variations. Back on the Shahs, Pakhi and Vanraj are additionally having a struggle. Read this text to know the total story. Also learn: Anupamaa written update June 22: Anuj’s decision to stay away from Shah family shocks Anupamaa

Anuj’s recommendation to Anupama

Anuj feels pissed off by Vanraj’s habits. He rants to Anupamaa about how he retains on tolerating Vanraj’s habits however he has now crossed all limits. He tells her to chop off all ties with the Shah household for someday to allow them to steer clear of Vanraj. Adhik and Barkha look completely happy as they see issues figuring out of their favor.

Anupamaa is surprised to listen to Anuj’s suggestion. She tries to argue that why ought to she go away her youngsters due to Vanraj. Anuj accuses her of defending Vanraj and this heightens the strain between the 2. Anupamaa is offended by Anuj’s allegation. She breaks down serious about how she suffered with Vanraj however now that she is away, she nonetheless has to work together with him for his youngsters.

Taking benefit of the state of affairs, Barkha takes Anuj’s facet. She blames Anupama for not caring about what Anuj thinks. Anupamaa leaves the room crying. Will Barkha achieve creating variations between Anuj and Anupama?

Pakhi shouts at Vanraj

Back on the Shah residence, Vanraj continues to scold Pakhi for going to the celebration. Pakhi talks again to him disrespectfully and defends herself. Leela learns concerning the night time’s incidents and takes Vanraj’s facet. Pakhi and Vanraj proceed arguing. Things warmth up as Pakhi shouts at Vanraj and leaves.

Kavya tries to persuade her to apologize to Vanraj and explains his perspective. But Pakhi is in no temper to hear. Kavya decides to offer them the night time’s time and to strive speaking once more with them the next day. As she leaves, Pakhi receives a message from Adhik and she or he immediately will get excited to speak to him.

Anuj continues to really feel pissed off at Vanraj when Anupama enters the room. They sit at two corners of the mattress however slowly begin to come nearer. As the space between them reduces, their anger additionally vanishes. Soon they apologize to one another for every thing.

In the upcoming episode, Barkha will attempt to incite extra fights between Anuj and Anupamaa whereas Anupamaa hints on the irregularities within the payments and precise bills that Barkha made for the home. Keep studying HT highlights for all updates.

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