Another twist is available in Anupamaa and Anuj’s story when Barkha is available in and decides to make the most of this chance. In the newest episode of Anupamaa, Anuj will proceed his battle with life and demise whereas Anupamaa struggles to maintain his household and enterprise collectively. Keep studying this text to know the complete story. Also Read: Anupamaa written update August 13: Vanraj tells Anupamaa that he pushed Anuj off the cliff

Anuj’s surgical procedure ends efficiently

Anuj is within the operation theater because the docs are attempting to maintain him out of hazard. Anupamaa stands outdoors praying and conserving herself robust to bear the implications. She reminisces about her time with Anuj and begins hallucinating him. As Anuj provides her the power to take care of these challenges, she asks Anuj to vow that he’ll battle via this and are available again to her.

As she will get out of her daydreaming, docs start working on Anuj. Now it’s only a matter of ready to see what occurs with Anuj. Continue studying HT highlights to know extra.

Meanwhile, Leela involves Anupamaa, to not taunt her, however to beg her for Vanraj’s security. She tells her that she could be blind in direction of her son, however not a lot that she won’t even care about another person’s life. Anupamaa requests her to relax. Leela continues to cry and emotionally blackmails Anupamaa to not file a criticism in opposition to Vanraj. Anupamaa comforts her when Barkha storms in. She exclaims on the standard of docs on the middle-class hospital. Anupamaa asks her to have religion because the docs are doing their finest. Continue studying to know extra about Anuj’s operation.

Barkha’s evil plot

Anupamaa and little Anu pray for Anuj’s life. Shahs and Kapadia’s wait outdoors the operation theater for any information of Anuj’s well being. Doctors come out and inform them Anuj’s surgical procedure has ended efficiently. He is out of hazard however he would possibly nonetheless not acquire consciousness. Doctors add that he would possibly get right into a coma and they’re nonetheless conserving him below commentary. Anupamaa breaks down in shock. Leela, Kavya, and Hasmukh pray for Anuj. Little Anu additionally calls and in an emotional sequence, she asks Anupamaa to placed on a bracelet on Anuj for good luck.

While Anuj struggles with life and demise, Barkha doesn’t look ahead to a second to make the most of this chance. She tells Ankush that if Anuj takes a couple of yr to recuperate, they’ll take over his enterprise. GK will get suspicious however Barkha makes certain that she immediately begins undermining him and takes away the respect Anuj has given her. Is Barkha going to steal Anuj’s empire from him? Will Anupamaa be capable to cease her in Anuj’s absence? So many inquiries to reply however for now, the most important query continues to be the identical– did Vanraj push Anuj off the cliff?

Kavya involves Anupamaa to ask her the reality. Anupamaa denies and doesn’t reveal what Vanraj has informed her. Kavya nonetheless feels uncertain and realizes that there’s positively some big secret behind Vanraj and Anuj’s accident.

The upcoming episodes are going to be way more difficult for Anupamaa. Barkha would blame Vanraj for the accident and resolve to file a criticism. When Anupamaa stops her, Barkha accuses her and doubts her character. Keep watching this house for extra written updates in your favourite present, Anupamaa.

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