Just a  few days again, Ranveer Singh introduced his collaboration with South biggie Shankar for the Hindi adaptation of the latter’s hit movie Anniyan (2005). However the producers of Anniyan raised a copyright concern and said that it’s unlawful for the director to make its remake because the story and screenplay rights are withheld by them.

Ravichandran of Aascar Film P Ltd, even despatched a authorized discover to Shankar, that the director doesn’t maintain the rights to remake the movie, as they’ve the whole story rights claimed from author Sujatha. Before this concern might be drawn to the courtroom, Shankar sends out a public assertion the place he very clearly states that the story and screenplay rights are reserved with him. In fac, he even provides that Sujatha was solely a dialogue author with him within the movie and therefore the involved particular person can’t have the copyright points. Shankar stated, “I submit that the movie was released in the year 2005 and everyone associated with the movie were aware that the script and storyline belongs exclusively to me and in fact the movie was released with the tag: Story, Screenplay and Direction by Shankar. I have not assigned in writing any script or screenplay to any person, and continue to retain the right to exploit the script in any manner I deem fit. As the admitted author of the literary work, my rights cannot be interfered with under any circumstances.”

He even clarifies in regards to the dialogue author Sujatha’s affiliation to Anniyan, “I am rather surprised to see the reference to late Sri Sujatha, as he was engaged by me only to write dialogues for the film and was accordingly credited. He was not involved in the script, screenplay or characterization in any manner, and there is no scope beyond his engagement as a dialogue writer.”

Shankar Shankar Shankar

Shankar concludes the letter stating strongly that this has been simply an unlawful declare in an try and jeopardise his future tasks, “Given that the script vests with me, I am absolutely entitled to exploit the same in any manner I deem fit. In fact, you/your entity does not have the right to remake or make any derivative rights for “Anniyan”, because the stated rights haven’t been granted to you in writing. In the absence of any project in writing from me, there might be no foundation by any means to even assert that the “storyline” vests with you. You because the producer have gained considerably from the success of the movie “Anniyan”, and are needlessly making an attempt to unjustly enrich your self even in my future endeavours which don’t have any correlation to you. Needless to state, I can solely hope good sense will prevail upon you after this clarification and you’ll cease agitating such baseless claims. This reply is issued with out prejudice, and to make clear the precise state of affairs of me as a director and author being topic to such avaricious and unlawful claims to needlessly try and jeopardise my future tasks.”

Now appears just like the director has made it very clear and there aren’t any copyright points that may be raised in opposition to his movie. Let’s hope that the movie rolls out easily.


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