A fan-made Animal Crossing animation purports to indicate the adventures that the swindling fox, Jolly Redd, undergoes to obtain the wares he sells.

A brand new Animal Crossing fan video purports to indicate Jolly Redd and the way he goes treasure trying to find wares to promote. Jolly Redd is a fox that has been peddling illicit items and artwork for the reason that very first installment of the Animal Crossing sequence. Despite his shady nature, as many of the artwork items he sells are fakes, once in a while Redd has a real article on the market that gamers can purchase if their eye is eager sufficient.

A trait that Animal Crossing followers are fairly accustomed to in terms of Redd is how he tends to overcharge for the gadgets he sells, on the lookout for any technique to squeeze extra Bells from gamers. However, one factor many followers do not learn about him, even in any case this time, is how Redd manages to seek out actual items of artwork. Considering the number of masterpieces he can have in his possession, all from completely different eras and areas of the world, it does encourage some curiosity as to how Redd acquires them.


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Animator WoodenTurtle has created a step-by-step information on Redd’s methods of finding treasures to sell. Posing as an outdated tutorial VHS tape that Redd is promoting to show how he treasures hunts, Redd narrates the video and breaks all of it down into six easy steps. His first steps contain discovering “somewhere old“, and thus travels to an historic Egyptian tomb in his “Treasure Trawler” boathouse. After exploring the temple, with blatant disregard for something that does not look helpful, Redd raids the tomb and awakens a mummy within the course of. From that time on, the video takes on a creepier horror-based vibe as Redd makes his escape. Redd narrowly makes it out of the tomb with a real “Mystic Statue”, often known as well-known the bust statue of Queen Nefertiti, together with a King Tut Mask.

WoodenTurtle’s video manages to remain delightfully true to Redd’s in-game personality as he navigates an historic Egyptian tomb with out caring for something besides what can earn him a revenue. The consideration to element reveals a whole lot of care, just like the Mystic Statue being the “real” one, versus the pretend with the earring that Redd could attempt to promote to gamers in-game. While the King Tut Mask is not an merchandise Redd often sells, because it’s an merchandise that gamers can craft themselves, it feels completely in character for Redd to steal it proper off the mum carrying it. The slight dip into the horror style as Redd explores the tomb, with seemingly no concern at the same time as the mum rises to chase him, looks like an amazing aspect story journey for an additional Animal Crossing spin-off.

While we could by no means formally know the way the unusual Animal Crossing kitsune NPC will get his extra “legitimate” merchandise, WoodenTurtle’s video is a enjoyable and gratifying exploration of that query. If even a sliver of this video turned out to be the reality, maybe Redd’s excessive costs would have some justification in any case. For now, Redd and his questionable wares will stay one of many mysteries of the Animal Crossing sequence.

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Source: WoodenTurtle/YouTube

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