There are 7 various kinds of bushes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that gamers can develop, and every one blooms at a distinct time of the yr.

Among different crops like bushes and flowers, shrubs are a good way to embellish the island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Added within the 1.2 replace from April 2020, shrubs are available a wide range of varieties and colours, including an additional pop of floral aesthetics to brighten up exterior designs and lift the island’s score. However, every bush is just in season for a brief time period, which signifies that gamers will solely be capable of get pleasure from their stunning blooms throughout sure occasions of the yr. To hold their gardens blooming, gamers can plant new bushes with every season, or they will merely wait for his or her bushes to bloom every season because the yr goes on.


Shrubs could be bought from Leif as “starts”, which take 3 days to develop after being planted. Leif is one among a number of touring NPCs that exhibits up on the island at random to promote his wares, and Animal Crossing’s gardening specialist brings a inventory of bush begins, flowers, and produce to gamers’ islands when he arrives. He’ll carry two various kinds of shrubs with him every time he visits, and gamers will be capable of select between any out there coloration mixtures as nicely. Shrubs price 280 Bells to purchase and promote for 70 Bells at Nook’s Cranny, and gamers are capable of buy them both as singles or in a bulk of 5. Only one sort of shrub might be in season at a time, and Leif will at all times promote that sort when he involves city together with one other sort that’s out of season.

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As of the Animal Crossing 2.0 replace again in November, Leif can also be found on Harv’s Island as a part of the market collective Harv and Harriet have arrange. After donating 100,00 Bells to one of many Lloids to open the store, Leif might be open for enterprise from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. except Leif is already visiting the participant’s island, by which case the stand might be closed. While the addition of Harv’s Island outlets offers gamers entry to the seller NPCs with out ready for them to seem on the participant’s island at random, Leif’s store gadgets will solely rotate as soon as per week, so gamers must be affected person if the shrub or begin they’re in search of is unavailable.

When Every Bush Blooms In Animal Crossing

In addition to Leif’s store, Animal Crossing gamers can even discover bushes on Mystery Island Tours after they had been added within the 2.0 replace. Not solely are 2.0’s new Plumeria bushes featured on these islands, however all the bushes could be discovered blossoming on islands with their respective seasons, giving gamers the possibility to dig them up and produce them dwelling for their very own island landscaping. While these shrubs are technically free to seize, Mystery Island Tours price 1,000 Nook Miles Tickets, and Kapp’n will solely take gamers on one tour per day. Players in search of an additional Plumeria shrub can even get one without cost from the varsity on Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Archipelago if they’ve the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

After the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 replace, there are a complete of seven varieties of bushes within the recreation, most of which are available 2 completely different coloration variations, leaving gamers with a complete of 13 distinctive bushes in complete. However, bushes solely bloom whereas they’re in season, although their leaves change coloration because the seasons change, very similar to Animal Crossing’s trees. Otherwise, bushes are distinguishable from one another primarily based on the colour and form of their leaves, which differ barely with every breed and permit gamers to inform them aside even once they aren’t in bloom. In addition, whereas every bush blooms at a distinct time of the yr, the brand new Plumeria bush overlaps with the Hydrangea and Hibiscus bushes and blooms your complete approach by the summer time season.

  • Camellia: pink and pink, blooms from January 1 to March 31 within the Northern Hemisphere and June 16 to September 30 within the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Azalea: white and pink, blooms from April 11 to May 31 within the Northern Hemisphere and October 11 to November 30 within the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Hydrangea: blue and pink, blooms from June 1 to July 20 within the Northern Hemisphere and December 1 to January 20 within the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Plumeria: added in the 2.0 update, has pink and white variants and blooms from June 1 to September 20 within the Northern Hemisphere and December 1 to March 20 within the Southern Hemisphere
  • Hibiscus: pink and yellow, blooms from July 21 to September 20 within the Northern Hemisphere and January 21 to March 20 within the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Tea Olive: orange and yellow, blooms from September 21 to October 31 within the Northern Hemisphere and March 21 to April 30 within the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Holly: no variants, blooms from November 1 to December 31 within the Northern Hemisphere and May 1 to June 15 within the Southern Hemisphere.

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Animal Crossing Shrub Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Where To Plant

Animal Crossing 2.0 Leif Shop

Shrubs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a really versatile plant and could be planted efficiently in places that bushes received’t develop, permitting gamers so as to add extra depth and ornament to their out of doors designs. Shrubs could be planted in areas adjoining to buildings, fences, inclines, bridges, and trees, although they received’t develop when planted in sand as they do require soil. Not solely do bushes add extra texture to high-foliage areas like forests and parks, however in addition they make good accent linings for buildings and paths with their spherical form and beautiful colours. However, in contrast to flowers, there are not any hybrid bushes in Animal Crossing, and their flowers can’t be picked when they’re in bloom.

Fortunately, shrubs are very low-maintenance and don’t have to be watered in any respect once they’re rising or absolutely grown, and watering doesn’t have any impact on bushes prefer it does on flowers or crops. Players can dig up and replant shrubs with a shovel as nicely, and even absolutely grown bushes don’t require gamers to eat meals or fruit to maneuver them as a result of their light-weight nature. In addition, like Animal Crossing’s rocks, snails will spawn on bushes when it’s raining, giving gamers extra probabilities to catch these cute creatures with a bug web. With the variations out there, gamers have loads of flexibility in the case of planting the right backyard for his or her Animal Crossing island paradise.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out there on Nintendo Switch.

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