Aneri Vajani made her performing debut in 2012 with the present Kaali: Ek Punar Avatar. Ten years on, she is glad that she adopted her intuition and caught to characters she discovered “powerful and meaningful”.

“I was only 19 years old when I started out in the industry. So, I did not want to wear sarees and play a bahu in a soap opera. I wanted to do characters that were both powerful and meaningful. I needed to be patient and look for roles that I was interested in. That is where I had to struggle the most. I wanted to work on my own terms, and I’m pleased to say that I was able to do so,” she says, including, “If you look at the work I’ve done, it’s very versatile. I may not have done 50 shows, but what I did was extremely satisfying to me.”

Looking again at the place all of it started, Vajani shares how everybody round her — from her dad and mom to her faculty principal — knew she can be an actor at some point. The 28-year-old remembers, “Though my family was quite averse to the idea of me becoming an actor, somewhere, they knew that I was meant for this industry. I was always interested in extracurricular activities as a child. I used to compete in dancing and singing competitions and win them all. Even my principal told my parents, ‘Yeh ladki toh badi hokar heroine hi banegi’.”

But, regardless of her sturdy curiosity within the performing arts, the Laal Ishq actor tells us she determined to “not go crazy about it”. “I told myself that if it’s meant to be, things will fall in place. Also, everyone had told me ki bahut stress aur struggle hota hai,” she says. Things, nevertheless, modified when she did her first present: “I realised that this is something I thoroughly enjoy.”

Now that Vajani has accomplished a decade right here, is there something concerning the business she wish to change? “This is a thankless industry. If one thing goes wrong, all your 100 good things will be overlooked, and people will begin to focus solely on the negative. We need to understand that all of us mess up sometimes,” she ends.

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