It’s a really busy weekend for Andrea Brooks!

The beautiful actress is starring in Romance to the Rescue on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Saturday evening, and When Calls the Heart Season 9 wraps on Sunday.

We had an opportunity to meet up with her to speak about her new film and get some WCTH scoop for #Hearties in all places!

Romance to the Rescue options Andrea as a goal-driven lady named Kyra, who’s rapidly assembly each purpose.

The ultimate purpose on her to-do listing is to seek out the right companion, and he or she has one other guidelines for that. Andrea quickly finds that there is much more to like than trying out the fitting bins.

We caught up with Andrea proper after she took a digital COVID take a look at for touring, and we marveled at how futuristic issues have turn into of late.

Living sooner or later quite than up to now was an ideal segue to get Andrea’s perception into what drives somebody like Kyra to dwell by a guidelines.

“I believe that anybody who compensates in that means might be hiding one thing. Maybe it is a damaged coronary heart or a troublesome previous, or there is a cause why a personality like that will have the nuances they do.

“And especially Kyra. In her life, her home is beautiful and it’s immaculate. And it’s exactly what I would have pictured as a 13-year-old type-A personality. It’s what I pictured my house to look like at that age. I love it, but it’s a little bit out of touch. And it definitely shows that she needs a little dose of reality.”

Andrea thought the set was good and helped her higher perceive Kyra. “I was like, ‘Oh, she’s really this character, not just the little bit, but she’s turned up and even has a sub-list for finding her perfect partner. And she puts traits and preferences over love.”

Walking in Kyra’s footwear allowed Andrew to know why somebody is perhaps following that path.

“I believe they’re attempting to out logic their hearts. I believe that kind of like, ‘Aha coronary heart; I received ya. I do know what I’m doing. I’m going to do it in essentially the most good means potential.’

“But as we know as people who are in this Hallmark universe, the heart wants what it wants, and it’s not always predictable.”

We all attempt to out-logic our hearts in some respects, and Andrea thinks that is why all of us like love tales. “Because you can’t predict what the heart wants. So, it’s a little conundrum right off the bat in this movie that was quite fun to play with.”

Krya stays from her listing, altering it as much as assist advance her targets. When she had her coronary heart set on her new supervisor at work, she went all-in to undertake a canine primarily based on his love for them. Not simply any canine, both. Kyra determined to signify her retailer within the Super-Dog competitors.

That adjustments Kyra in sudden methods, and her straight and slim path takes a dramatic swerve.

Andrea mentioned, “I think in the same way that she’s trying to out logic her heart, she’s like, “No, I can out-logic a canine, I could make this good plan. Okay, I simply have to fill within the blanks right here. How troublesome can this be?’

“When we had been capturing, I mentioned this character is most undoubtedly a cat individual and has by no means owned a canine of their life as a result of they do not know what they’re in for while you undertake a canine.

“And, of course, it’s just the most perfect solution for a Type-A personality who’s trying to control everything. Throw in a dog who’s going to do what the dog wants to do and throw a little chaos into our existence in the best of ways.”

The canine in query, Sam, is simply the cutest. And working with Nova (the canine’s actual title) was quite a lot of enjoyable for Andrea.

“Oh, the cutest canine. I may go on for hours about how wonderful this canine is. Nova is definitely an excellent canine up right here in Canada. So, she does massive occasions, and he or she does reveals and performs in entrance of stadiums.

“So, she’s an insanely talented dog. And this was Nova’s first movie. So, this dog has performed for its entire life, but she’s never done anything on camera. It was quite exciting to see that transition happen, and she was fantastic.”

Andrea laughed, “I think she was more obedient than Marcus [Rosner, who plays her romantic interest] or myself. She listened to me. She got everything right away. She was just the model actor.”

One of the continuing messages within the film is about canine possession, and coaching a canine is actually extra about coaching its proprietor. It was Nova’s first time appearing and Andrea and Marcus’s first time appearing as canine trainers.

“Neither of us had ever skilled a canine of this type. And neither of us had any expertise with agility coaching, which is super-specific. It’s very totally different from coaching your golden retriever to take a seat, keep, and do not eat off our plates at dinnertime.

“This is a canine with hyper confidence, hyper capabilities, who listens to each phrase, each mannerism. And so, we type of needed to develop accustomed to working with an expert canine of this nature.

“Marcus and I are two individuals who have grown up with pets and whatnot. But this was the following degree. So we needed to brush up; we received to crash programs in agility. And fortunately, Nova warmed as much as each of us instantly. I really feel actually lucky that we fashioned connection proper off the bat.

“And then the great half is with the story, the canine just isn’t well-behaved and never effectively skilled in the beginning. But because the film progresses, the connection and the bond is strengthened.

“And it was kind of fun to get to play that as I was also getting to know Nova. I was getting to learn her mannerisms, and she was getting to learn mine. So, it oddly just kind of mimics to real life and worked out really well.”

As you may see within the film, Andrea and Marcus had been actually working with the canine throughout its agility workouts, making their roles action-oriented.

“I was really running,” Andrea mentioned. “We did not shoot chronologically, however fortunately, the finale of the film came about within the ultimate week. So, Marcus and I had already gone by way of among the agility coaching.

“We had taken our time in those scenes where we’re learning and training the dog together. We put all of that to use for a finale scene where, yes, we’re running and doing the hand gestures, and no one is following us. It was really, really fun.”

There are so many issues about Romance to the Rescue that Andrea loved. She felt as if the celebs aligned to create an ideal setting for her.

“I love working with Heather Hawthorne Doyle. She’s just a brilliant director. And she’s done so many Hallmark movies now and knows exactly what she’s looking for. Under her eye, we felt confident that we were putting together a really fun project.”

Andrea additionally jumped on the alternative as a result of it was dog-oriented, and he or she’d by no means had the pleasure of working so carefully with canine.

“I’ve worked with cats and horses and the odd jobs here and there, but I’ve never had a character who’s had this close a bond with a pet before. So that was super exciting.”

She was additionally thrilled to be working with Marcus. “We’ve been mates for a very long time, and we’re two of the early alumni from the Hamilton days on When Calls the Heart from the early, early, early seasons.

“Even although we by no means performed reverse one another on the present, we’re from the identical city. So, we have usually been related on social media for that cause. And we have been married earlier than on the Hallmark Channel in Harvest Wedding.

“So, we type of have this trajectory, and I believe it was solely a matter of time earlier than we received to do that. Once we had been paired, we had been like, ‘Yes, that is good as a result of we get alongside brilliantly.’

Andrea jogged my memory that Marcus performed Charles Kensington on When Calls the Heart, who “momentarily stole Elizabeth’s eyes away from Jack” because the wealthy, upper-crust Hamilton Man.

When Calls the Heart has come a great distance since then, and we have reached one other finale, one wherein Andrea performs a big function.

Andrea’s character, Faith, has grown fairly a bit in Season 9, and Andrea, too, returned to the sequence lacking her scene companion, Paul Greene.

She recollects her return after his departure. “It’s type of like while you return to highschool and as an example you are all organized in your desks, and also you’re very used to the way in which issues are entering into a classroom state of affairs. And then, rapidly, the instructor is available in sooner or later and says, ‘Okay, guys, we’re shuffling desks.’

“And in that second, you are like, ‘Whoa, I can not think about not being seated subsequent to this individual that I’ve been seated subsequent to.’ I bear in mind this from being a child. And you then shuffle. And then issues go on. It’s simply totally different. And that is very a lot what I believe it was like, kicking off this season.

“You become so accustomed to going to work every day and working with the same person for most scenes. And it was like a rewiring. Okay, Faith really is on her own. And as an actor, I’m on my own here in the infirmary. Here we go. So yeah, it was an adjustment, for sure.”

The adjustment apart, Faith has had a improbable season arc wherein she’s turn into a trusted doctor together with her personal apply.

“It’s so fulfilling to play a personality over this many seasons — happening a decade — and rising up alongside your character. I got here in Season 2, so that is my eighth 12 months on the present taking part in Faith, seeing how a lot she’s grown up.

“She started off as a young, impressionable nurse, and now she’s in charge. So absolutely, the beginning of the season, shooting some of those, thinking, ‘Wow, I’ve grown up; she’s grown up.’ And I’m just proud of her and what she managed to achieve as a character.”

Faith had a big scene the place she took command of her future wherein she burned the infirmary signal within the Hope Valley Days bonfire.

Andrea laughed, “I bear in mind studying it the primary time and considering, ‘I can not fairly wrap my head round this.’ First of all, my greatest difficulty with it was that I do not assume they might burn a chunk of wooden like this again within the day! I believe this might be helpful for one thing else.

“But that apart, jokingly, I believe it was truly extraordinarily symbolic. And it simply is consultant of this second of transferring on and placing your finest foot ahead even when it is scary and you are going into unchartered waters. It was an enormous step for her.

“So, I think symbolically, it was actually brilliant. But in the moment, I remember thinking, ‘I’m burning wood? Someone could use it!'”

Another vital departure for Faith comes from shedding Carson. She’s had a gradual burn wherein it appears she’s falling for Nathan (Kevin McGarry), the good-looking Mountie who was beforehand wooing Elizabeth.

Andrea admits she did not see it coming, however she will see how the connection works, given they had been each nursing damaged hearts on the finish of When Calls the Heart Season 8.

“They both went through turbulent relationships that didn’t work out their way. So, they’re in a similar position. They’re both first responders, so I could absolutely see why there’s a connection there. But how deep that goes and what the future holds, I’m not sure. But they are characters who do actually have quite a bit in common.”

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 11 discovered Faith and Nathan nose to nose in her workplace, sharing a dialogue wherein they regarded deeply into one another’s eyes. It was the type of scene that gave technique to quickening hearts.

Andrea is aware of the scene effectively. “Oh, I used to be actually excited for that scene. I’m glad it is out, and it landed, and other people have seen it. I do not know; it is type of a kind of issues you may’t put phrases to it. You by no means know when you are going to join with one other actor or when the character’s storylines are going to intersect in a means that is sensible.

“And it simply so occurred that scene, that second was an ideal alternative to attach. And I believe that is what that scene is about, on the finish of the day, simply catching eyes, connecting, taking a deep breath, each considering, ‘where am I right now?’

“And then he turns to the poster in the infirmary at the end of the scene; I thought that was powerful. And it was just sort of this interesting check-in with one another. And I think that this is something these characters have done before. And I don’t know what it means. I can’t say, but I like it. I think it’s powerful.”

And sure, Andrea and Nathan each knew they had been creating one thing magical with that scene.

“I believe you may type of inform, and you must work when you will have intimate themes. You work carefully with a director to say, ‘You know, like, is not this working? I do not know what’s taking place.’

‘And the odd factor about this job is typically, you will have scenes written romantically, and generally, they don’t seem to be. And generally, you discover connections in moments which can be sudden. So, it is a powerful factor; you go into it not figuring out what the end result will likely be.

“So, we kind of dove into that one. We did what we tried to do, and then it’s a bit of a waiting game. You’re like, ‘Okay, I wonder how people will react.’ Because, again, it’s one of those things that’s quite hard to put words into.”

Words apart, Andrea and Kevin conveyed that issues had the potential to warmth up between them. “Yeah, I like checking anytime there’s a one-on-one scene like that. There’s a lot of potential there. And it’s all about connection at the end of the day.”

While Faith has come a great distance, Andrea has concepts about the place she may go from right here.

“I believe there are just a few extra steps to go by way of skilled life. I do actually wish to see her get that X-ray machine. And professionally, there’s somewhat extra that she has confirmed to herself. The group has welcomed her and embraced her as a health care provider.

“And she was very afraid of that, after all, being generally known as a nurse. And then coming again as a brand new model of your self is intimidating. But I believe all through this season, we have seen quite a lot of storylines which were uplifting for her. And I believe she’s confirmed to herself that she has the capabilities now.

“But I believe that there are nonetheless just a few extra steps to absorb that area. And particularly with gear and fundraising for the workplace. I consider that there are methods to go, and I look ahead to hopefully telling these tales, ought to we’ve got the nice fortune of doing a tenth season.

“But I believe that she’s a personality who usually wrestled together with her personal feelings and coronary heart. She’s by no means had a straightforward time with love.

“And I would like her to only get to some extent the place she’s somewhat extra sincere together with her personal emotions as a result of she’s absolutely the kind of character who will suppress all the pieces and simply say, ‘Oh, no, no, no, I’m advantageous. I’m advantageous. How are you? How are you?’

“And I believe that is why scenes with Nathan are fascinating when these check-ins occur as a result of she brushes off her personal emotions so continuously. When somebody actually will get by way of to her, it may be actually efficient as a result of she does not are likely to decelerate and put herself first, ever.

“So, a little bit more emotional growth could happen. And I would be keen to see where that takes her moving forward.”

Andrea teased the finale, “Oh, my goodness. Yes, it’s exciting. There are some wonderful pay-offs in the finale that are a long time coming in so many respects for so many of the characters, and it’s worthwhile for the fans who really invested long term in this show.”

Fans aren’t going to neglect that When Calls the Heart wraps Season 9 this Sunday, however you also needs to make a plan to tune in to Romance to the Rescue, which is a throwback for long-time Hearties with Faith and Charles collectively once more, spinning off on a brand new journey, so to talk.

Andrea needs you to make use of that connection to entice you to look at and revel in what the film has to supply. “You additionally get essentially the most attractive canine of all time, who was simply so sensible to work with. And even when somebody had been to not just like the film, you may’t hate Nova, who performs Sam and is simply completely cute.

“And it’s another theme movie involving training a dog. Some movies are about wine, and some are about vineyards or boating or fishing. And this one is about dogs and agility training and connecting through the love of a canine. So, it’s super fun and definitely for the whole family. And I loved making it.”

So undoubtedly tune into Hallmark Movies & Mysteries tonight at 8/7c to see how the film unfolds, and watch Hallmark Channel all day tomorrow, as there’s a rom-com-a-thon starring your favourite stars of When Calls the Heart main into the finale.

It’s a terrific weekend to be a Hallmark fan!!

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