Batgirl’s solo film could also be canceled however an outdated Zack Snyder plan for Ben Affleck’s Batman can deliver her into the DCEU franchise one other manner.

The DCEU’s Batgirl has been canceled, however an outdated Zack Snyder plan for the DCEU should still permit Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon to enter the franchise one other manner. Batgirl is a traditional supporting character from DC’s numerous Batman comics, and the Batgirl movie would have lastly introduced her to the DCEU franchise in addition to acquainted viewers with the post-The Flash timeline. Batgirl’s cancellation and a rising implication that Ben Affleck’s Batman will stay the DCEU’s predominant Dark Knight don’t imply that Leslie Grace won’t ever be canonized as Batgirl, nonetheless, as a repurposed Zack Snyder plan for the franchise’s future leaves room for her.


Zack Snyder has been a key creator in shaping the DCEU, having directed its first two installments and labored alongside fellow administrators to take care of a constant imaginative and prescient for the superhero franchise. As revealed in 2022’s San Diego Comic-Con, nonetheless, Snyder is now not concerned within the DCEU, and whereas this will likely not essentially be set in stone, viewers shouldn’t get their hopes up for his proposed Justice League sequels and DCEU solo movies, which comprise the “Snyderverse,” to turn into a actuality. Snyder’s plans can inspire future DCEU movies although, even when the franchise in the end goes in a unique course.

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Most of Zack Snyder’s long-term DCEU plans can be found to learn on social media, and one factor of his imaginative and prescient for Batman was having him tackle a brand new sidekick. Carrie Kelley was going to interchange the deceased Dick Grayson as Robin, presumably within the Ben Affleck Batman solo film, and with Ben Affleck returning to the DCEU franchise in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it appears as if Affleck isn’t fairly completed together with his position because the Dark Knight. While Batgirl is canceled and The Batman became a non-DCEU movie, Leslie Grace might be a part of the DCEU as Barbara Gordon if Snyder’s plan for Batman’s new sidekick is tweaked to both have each Carrie Kelley and Barbara Gordon succeed Dick Grayson collectively or just have Barbara Gordon take Carrie Kelley’s place in a future Batman look.

How Zack Snyder’s Batman Plan Leaves Room For Leslie Grace’s Batgirl

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The loss of life of Dick Grayson is an important part of Batman’s DCEU characterization. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman breaks his no-kill rule and almost turns into a villain himself, and this darkish flip is motivated by each his existential dread from witnessing Superman’s melee with General Zod and his grief over shedding his adopted son. Superman’s sacrifice helped bring Batman again to his extra heroic self in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, however Snyder supposed for Batman to additionally lastly permit one other crime fighter to undertake the Robin mantle by taking Carrie Kelley below his wing.

Ben Affleck’s Batman appears poised to stay the DCEU’s major Dark Knight, and whereas an Affleck-led Batman solo film seems unlikely in the intervening time, this portion of Snyder’s plan may very well be tailored within the background of a future Batman look. In one other Justice League film or a cameo look in one other DCEU superhero’s solo journey, Batman could seem with Leslie Grace’s Batgirl and doubtlessly Carrie Kelley as Robin as properly to point out that he’s rebuilding the Bat Family however not forgetting his late son. By utilizing and modifying Snyder’s plans, the DCEU can have its Batgirl even when her solo film is canceled.

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