She was fortunate…but in addition not.

EXO‘s Kai recently headed to Uzbekistan for the 2022 Mokkoji Korea festival. A trade, tourism, and K-Pop fair, he performed his iconic songs on stage. After the festival ended, it seemed that all the performers and staff gathered on stage, including an EXO-L who was lucky enough to be on the same stage as him.

The lucky fan seems to be a dancer and a journalist according to her social media profile. She was there to interview the performers! She traveled around with her cell phone, hoping to get Kai for a selfie. As he was about to pose for her camera, a Korean staff seemed to call him away to discuss other matters. She sounded disappointed as she laughed at the fail.

| @sapfiraa_/Instagram 

She wandered around for a little bit with the camera in tow, not giving up.

| @sapfiraa_/Instagram 

She spotted him again, talking to a group of staff members. Tapping his arm, she waited politely for him to notice her. When he finally did, Kai moved in for a photo. Unfortunately, the heavens weren’t on her aspect. As quickly as they each bought into the body, the stage lights went off!

| @sapfiraa_/Instagram 

Thankfully, Kai nonetheless tried his greatest and posed for her within the dim lighting. Perhaps she was capable of salvage the screenshots with modifying software program! Catch the hilarious second beneath.

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