Her visuals haven’t modified!

With NewJeans nonetheless solely about six months into their K-Pop profession, there’s quite a bit we don’t know in regards to the members and what they had been like earlier than they grew to become idols.

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NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Given their younger ages, there may simply not be quite a bit to find out about them exterior of their trainee interval at ADOR. But lately, an alleged previous classmate of Danielle shared an outdated photograph of the NewJeans member on-line, together with a little bit of details about her!

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Danielle (NewJeans)

The photograph shared exhibits Danielle in what seems to be some type of college uniform, seemingly associated to her place as the varsity captain that the outdated classmate additionally claims her to have been.

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The outdated photograph of Danielle shared by alleged classmate, left | Instiz

Having the place of a college captain is outwardly extremely admirable in Australia, and if it’s true that Danielle was her college’s captain, then there’s little question she was an outstanding pupil that was popular with each her fellow college students and workers! Here’s what some feedback on a put up discussing the shared photograph need to say on the matter.

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There are many different feedback from followers too, together with people who love seeing her outdated curly, pure hair in her outdated photograph, and wish that her stylists would let it return.

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Most of all, although, followers are simply admiring how cute she was, and nonetheless is, and that she simply appears to radiate sweetness and heat!

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It’s at all times nice to see outdated classmates of K-Pop idols speak positively about them like this, and it’s protected to say that Danielle was well-liked even earlier than her debut!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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